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Ulcer code verification

Discussion in 'USA' started by delirious, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. delirious

    delirious Member

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    New codes for 2011

    97597 and 97998 to replace 11040, 11041

    What's the difference from using 97597 and 11042?

    I have several patients that are diabetic and have nonviable tissue removed from the wound. others I debride the wound including good skin margins to bleeding tissue. So which one? I've also read that codes such as 11043,11044, 11045 are hospital codes. (obviously due to difficulty involved)

    So what distinguishes the two codes? The RVU is differnt, so it matters. I want to make sure I am also doing the correct code.

    97597 is defines as an active wound management code for debridement (any
    method) of open wound, epidermal or dermal, including
    wound assessment, whirlpool and instruction for ongoing
    care, total wound(s) up to 20 sq. cm or less.

    11042 is defined as Debridement to subcutaneous tissue first 20
    sq. cm or less. Includes debridement of epidermis and

    so, if I am reading this correctly, 97597 is for epidermis dermis and 11042 is for up to sub Q level? What are you guys doing?

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