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Wartner for Verruca?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by C Bain, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

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    Hi All,

    Wartner for Verruca? Has anyone explored this over the counter product. It reminds me of the small gas lighter size Co2 that used to exist as a treatment many years ago? This one is in an aerosol dispenser containing a mixture of Dimethyl ether and Propane, not harmful to the environment. But I Note, do not strike a match etc.! To the effect that if you do this verruca cure could be instant?

    1. Ten foam applicators for ten treatments are available with one pack!

    2. A plastic key to apply foam applicators!

    3. The instruction 'Information Sheet is very, very well written, even I can follow it?

    It is a traditional Cyro-surgery treatment. Only qualifications needed, Open the Box!

    An invisible blister, (Perhaps an ulcer under the skin?), is formed and after ten days, the wart/verruca will gradually disappear or fall off. (The wart, not the foot!).

    Warnings and contras. are well set out and on the back of the Information Sheet we have a short course in pictures on how to do it, spoil sports, it really is a good one!!!

    Estimates are,

    1. Small wart/verruca: One to two treatments over twenty days?

    2. Medium size, and old: Wart/verruca an average of two to three treatments may be required?

    On the can we have,

    ............................. www.wartner.co.uk

    A twenty second treatment can even be applied by you and I during normal visits, now there's a thing.

    The pictures on the size of the box suggest the same effect as Salicylic Acid at 70%, or some freezing applications! The Ether will obviously have a rapid cooling effect!

    The treatment is based on the Liquid Nitrogen Effect in treatments!!! It does not quote the degrees minus temperature or liquid nitrogen in formula anywhere, however, but I'm sure at a guess that it will be close to -50 deg. C.!!!



    PS. This treatment and a one mil. gouge could be just what the Chiropodist ordered! Then again?

    PPS. Price in my local Chemist is £8.95. I have heard in a large department store £12!
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2005
  2. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    I have used Histofreeze with no success, this new produce has similar claims???

    One of the questions said to use a pumice stone??? WHY??? That is one way of spreading the virus from pore to pore plus a good way of cross contamination.

    One should also remember the HPV can be up to 1cm in depth and up to 7.5cm diameter.

    Don Scott
  3. sooz

    sooz Member

    I used Wartner on a wart I have had on my finger for about 3 years now, over the course of about 6 months I used all 10 applications, it's still there!
  4. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Hi All,

    It is not looking good is it? Anybody had a positive result with it?


  5. RSuppads

    RSuppads Member

    No better than Histofreeze, and that produced no improvements on all the patients I tried it on until the pack ran out out.
  6. Anne McLean

    Anne McLean Active Member

    Hi Colin,

    I have tried Wartner as have many of my patients, - sadly, with no success.

    I recently attended an update course on Cryotherapy using liquid Nitrogen. During the course several proprietary preparations were sprayed on to Petri dishes simultaneously, in comparison to Liquid Nitrogen.

    It was quite apparent that the proprietary products did not freeze to the same depth as the Liquid Nitrogen. Some of them barely achieved a surface whiteness, whereas the Liquid Nitrogen penetrated to a reasonable depth in the same amount of time.


  7. joyfulmia

    joyfulmia Member

    I had a patient in this week who used all applications of Wartner on her verruca with no improvement
  8. RSuppads

    RSuppads Member

    Interestingly enough, take a look at e-Bay. An advertiser has persisted in offering Wartner as a "Liquid Nitrogen type" of freezing for warts/verruca. They're sailing pretty close to the wind on this one with doubtless many buyers being under the wrong impression. But going back to the thread, I've yet to find Pyro 70% with closely monitoring beaten - it will burn through your socks too! But the accompanying blister that often follows with pain - and I mean pain - makes it only suitable for the most hardy and trusting of patients. I've known other Pods. lose a few patients through it that I've picked up. If the blister isn't drained quickly a very sore lower leg results. Certainly not for the faint hearted. So banana skins first if the patient wishes to do a DIY job. Wandering off the track again (as I do, though it's often interesting), I think I'll start another thread sometime on hypnotherapy for warts. I used this a few times with great success, (I'll tell you about it and my conclusions derived from studying wart charmers). Be warned of the ethical effects though. An unaccompanied young woman alone in your room in a trance ........ think about it. And unfortunately, being alone, with no one else to reveal the "secret" cure the patient had to swear not to divulge (because it wouldn't otherwise work), presented me with an alarming possibillity. But I did have a 100% success rate - so there! No pain, no blisters, and no gas (from me now, either. Bye for now!)
  9. footman1972

    footman1972 Active Member

    From the cryotherapy training I recieved, it seems that the propellant based products don't cool the tissues fast enough or deep enough to have much of an effect. Bear in mind it's the defrosting that does the damage to the cells. Liquid nitrogen is more effective because it's -273 degrees (apologies if that's not quite accurate, but it is damn cold :D ), thus cools quickly and defrosts slowly.
    Having said all that, long standing VPs are still a pest to treat regardless of what you use :confused:
  10. Anne McLean

    Anne McLean Active Member

    You are quite right. This was so obvious when the various agents were sprayed into the Petri dishes in the experiment I cited.


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