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Water Drills

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by joyfulmia, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. joyfulmia

    joyfulmia Member

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    I have been considering starting my own practice and was wondering about getting a water drill through DBS as a point of difference in my clinic. I have tried out a friend of mines drill and her's needed to be repaired within 3 weeks of owning it. This has left me a little concerned about ordering one should the same thing happen to me, especially if it is on a frequent basis.

    Can anyone who uses the water drills tell me how they get on, if they know if they need repairing more often and how they find them compared to the conventional dust models like Berchtold. Is there a better type of water drill out there?

    Cheers :)
  2. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi, there are many threads on this topic.
    If you use the search and tags tools you will find previous discussions on the likes and dislikes of drills.

    It generally comes down to a personal choice.

  3. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

    I use a water drill as described. No problems. (touch wood).
  4. brevis

    brevis Active Member

    I am very jealous melbPod......I have the DBS Gold Podospray and it has been returned 3 times for repairs!!....Each time I wanted to keep the replacement drill.
  5. MelbPod

    MelbPod Active Member

    still hanging on to some wood
  6. joyfulmia

    joyfulmia Member

    Thanks Heather. I did search prior to posting but it didn't return results but have now managed to find some of those posts.

    Can anyone tell me (apart from the price and extra adjustment buttons) if there is much difference between the podospray gold and silver? From a technical viewpoint it appears the silver would be less likely to break/need servicing as often, although I could be wrong?
  7. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Is there any evidence to suggest that the areosole created by the alc/water mix plus nail is a problem?

    I continue to use a vacuum drill. I am concerned that there is a room contamination risk with the wet drills.

    Where does the spray and sludge go?

    Just a thought
  8. markleigh

    markleigh Active Member

    I had a water drill (Podospray I think it was) & had to return it for repair several times. Eventually went back to a Berchtold & have been very happy. JUst my personal experience.
  9. Kath McC

    Kath McC Member

    I have been using a Bentlon Podospray drill for about 3 months and find it really good. If you ajust the spray properly you don't get much "sludge" and it drops down onto the collection area.I also find that with the spray you can reduce nails a lot quicker with out the heat factor.So far I have had no problems with it.
  10. ALC

    ALC Active Member

    I also use water drill from Berctold and have had no issues whatsoever. Higher speeds cooler toes all good so far.

    Graham, the idea is basically that the fine mist dowses the dust and generally i find the sludge ends up on my gloves or on the toes of the patient. Vacuum dust extraction falls short with the dust particle and fungal particles that are so small they go through the collection bag and filters and can stay air borne for a remarkably long time.
  11. Graham

    Graham RIP


    I appreciate that this is the idea, but does it?

  12. ALC

    ALC Active Member

    Hi Graham, probably not which is why there probably should run HEPA air filters as well as using P2 face masks all of which limit the chance of having issues with dust particles. Your drill is not the only way of catching dust particles.

    All the best
  13. Megapoint

    Megapoint Welcome New Poster

    I'm selling and producing this kind of waterspray machines in Netherlands
    I hope you all don't care that I give answer inhere
    One of the biggest problems with 95% of all water drills is that the water supply is internal and gives a lot of trouble, water reach the ball bearings or dirt comes into the but clamb or the water supply get blocked
    If you use a model with no totally internal spray you already win a big issue, if you have a handpiece with detachable front part like dentists use you win yourself a lot of convenience because no water runs back into the motor part and you can clean and lubricant the front part with Handpiece spray.
    I don't say the machines with internal spray and not detachable front part are no good but they are more maintenance sensitive
    Maby this models with detachable front part looks not like a ballroom but it also dance the tango
    See the link in YouTube
    Greets Edward

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