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working in Singapore!!!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by podiatrist1, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. podiatrist1

    podiatrist1 Member

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    Hello Hello, is there any podiatrist from Singapore (or somewhere else ) who can help me to know which diploma or qualifications are recognised in this beautiful place?
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Hi there,

    Sam Randall works in Singapore - he may not have seen this message as the Introductions forum doesn't show up on the latest posts section of the homepage.

    Maybe send him a private message, or re-post this in another forum

  3. podiatrist1

    podiatrist1 Member

    thanks for help, i'm very new and not used to forum ...but i will follow your advices!
    Have a nice day!
  4. podiatrist1

    podiatrist1 Member

    thanks Ian! I 'll contact him and also try to send this message in another forum (just starting so....still learning how it's working:) )

    Have a nice day!
  5. Ninjasox

    Ninjasox Active Member

    uk/us/oz/nz/french quals are recognised here. pay is pretty good esp with the tax rate, get to see lots of interesting cases here too
  6. podiatrist1

    podiatrist1 Member

    Very Good to know thanks! any idea off what average I could expect as salary and advantages for a full time position? I think I'm not asking for enough?

    By the way, I plan to go to the Symposium at the end of August, have you heard about it? is it serious conferences ?
  7. Ninjasox

    Ninjasox Active Member

    about 45k for a grad @4% tax, so would depend on your experience, masters/hons usually helps too. yep i think the majority of pods in singapore are going, as they are pretty rare here, but it should be quite good by all accounts
  8. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Podiatrist1,

    We can't let you come through the introductions forum without saying :welcome::welcome::welcome:

    The 'search' facility & 'keyword tags' are also really helpful in finding previous discussions which may interest you.

    Good luck,


  9. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome. You have had some great replies already. Just shows what an active group we have here.
    Good luck with your travels

  10. harryjack

    harryjack Member

    Thank you.Am struggling re accessing the right bits to get my mail!! Must be me! best wishes jackie--harryjack

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