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Working in South Africa as a Podiatrist

Discussion in 'South Africa' started by nicpod1, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. nicpod1

    nicpod1 Active Member

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    Just as a matter of interest, I wonder if any South African Pods could give me an idea of the situation in South Africa with regards to working as a Podiatrist?

    e.g. Do you mainly work for yourselves, what sorts of sepcialities are there and how do you see the future developing Pod-wise as RSA continues to change?

    Any insights would be valuable as my partner's South African and I will probably begin to spend more time over there!

    Thanks guys!
  2. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    Re S.A.

    Dear NIC POD,

    Podiatry in SA is almost totally Private.

    The profession is proteceted and regulated by the South African Health professions Council.

    In order tp practice you will have to register with the SA HPC.

    I blieve that you need a Degree in Podiatry from one of the Recognised Schools. When i registered years ago i did not need a Degree as My DPODM was accepted as i was also SRCh.

    Look up the South African Podiatry Association

    Also Technicon Witwatersrand which is the only training establishment for podiatry in SA.

    I was going to emigrate to SA in 1993, but i am still here as i got divorced instead.

    So i am now off to Sydney Australia my Visa came through today. :)


    It is off to Sydney we jolly well go.

    The above info is not very current, but i hope that it is of some help.

    Last contact i had was :



    Antony Smidt.
    Kwazulu Natal Branch

    I hope this is of use

    regards David
  3. nicpod1

    nicpod1 Active Member


    Don't start putting ideas in my head about other places to emigrate to!

    Enjoy Sydney and thanks for the info!
  4. dmasikat

    dmasikat Member

    I am a student studying Podiatry in the UK. I look foward to working in South Africa when I qualify. But what can I expect to earn as a newly qualified pod?
  5. Iain Johnston

    Iain Johnston Active Member

    Re: Re S.A.

    So i am now off to Sydney Australia my Visa came through today. :)

    Antony Smidt.
    Kwazulu Natal Branch

    WHAT THE F, Anthony Smidt. I was trawling throught the threads when i came across this. How are u?, and......Divorced????, Moving to Sydney??? wow, whats been happening in good old KZN, SA.

    Iain Johnston

  6. JaY

    JaY Active Member

    The new place to study podiatry in SA is at the University of Johannesburg, Doornfontein Campus. (The old RAU and Technikon Witswatersrand amelgamated to form UJ).
  7. Fatima

    Fatima Member

    Hi NicPod1

    I have just seen this thread.Were you successful in your endeavour and are you now in SA?


  8. Mankgabane

    Mankgabane Member

    :drinksMost podiatrist in S.A work for themself in private practice, althouth there is a few working for goverment/ state hospitals. New post in state hospitals mostly open for newly qualified pods who were using bursaries/ scholarships from the department of health.
  9. brownpods

    brownpods Welcome New Poster

    Even with a UK podiatry diploma/degree and UK HPC registration, complete reciprocity doesn`t exist (unless thats changed in last couple of years or so)so you cannot register with the HPCSA without passing an entrance exam, which is undertaken on behalf of the HPCSA by school of podiatry, (University of Johannesburg), a 3 hour written paper and a viva. Its similar to (if not the same paper) the final year podiatry paper there as far as i can recall, my wife & I having done it, we are UK trained qualified and sat this a few years ago. As a previous correspondent mentioned, podiatry in RSA is mainly private, but I understand there are a small number of jobs now in the state health service there.
  10. rmlg55555

    rmlg55555 Member

    Hi - am new to this web-site and was browsing job-opportunities in SA as I am thinking of working there next year. Thanks for info.
  11. mokgatle

    mokgatle Member

    Coming to work in South Africa might be difficult for you because you will have to start your own private practice, suffer non-refferal from our fellow HCP's. According to my knowledge, SA podiatrists wish to go overseas as they get it easy to find work there than in our country.

    No public post unless the SA government paid for your studies.
  12. Connie D

    Connie D Member

    Same ole, same ole as the UK then?
  13. Venetia Mgiba

    Venetia Mgiba Welcome New Poster

    I am a student at the University of Johannesburg, well I would like to know what my starting salary is as a Podiatrist
  14. bongani

    bongani Welcome New Poster

    hi all

    am a final year Podiatry student and what i`ve noticed from all of our podiatry student is that they are not sure of whether they wiil make it as podiatrist out there, so what i am suggesting is if the guys that have qualified and working especially in goverment hospitals or clinics and come to the University of Johannesburg Podiatry Department and talk to students about how Podiatry is out there interms of practising, salary, growth of the profession etc. cause i believe by doing so, the actual confidence and courage of becoming a Podiatrist can increase in Pods student.

  15. JaY

    JaY Active Member

    If you truly have the passion for your work, you will get somewhere! It's not easy in the beginning and sometimes you question yourself. Don't give up - just try your best :)
  16. Landiwem

    Landiwem Member

    podiatry in the public sector: more podiatrists are entering the sector annually. Bursary holders getting absorbed into the public sector after completing their studies. Once employed it is up to individuals how far they get in terms of promoting the profession & educating other disciplines about podiatry, through the work you do. recognition will depend on what you do outside your consulting room as well.
    government may not pay you what you think you are wirth but it will give you vast clinical experience and opportunities (just have to look for them). where there is no development there is opportunity to start something. No one will do it for us but podiatrists themselves
  17. Landiwem

    Landiwem Member

    A podiatry supervisory Chief post is available at Ekurhuleni district Gauteng, closing 02 May 2014:
    Directorate: Primary Health Care

    SALARY : R312 084 per annum (plus benefits)

    CENTRE : Ekurhuleni Health District

    REQUIREMENTS : Tertiary qualification in relevant professions. Currently registered with the
    HPCSA. A minimum of 3 years appropriate experience in the relevant profession
    after registration with the HPCSA as an independent practitioner. Computer
    Literacy, Valid driver’s licence is essential, Experience in working in a PHC Unit.,
    Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Eye Care and Disability. Good
    communication skills and Interpersonal relationship skills, problem solving skills,
    planning and organizing skills. Facilitation, coordination, clinical records audit
    skills and report writing skills. Be proactive, innovative, supportive and good team
    player. Knowledge in all relevant polices, protocols and guidelines. Independent
    team leader who is able to make relevant decisions and actions. Maintain the
    environment that promotes the right of the patients and ensuring the principle of
    Batho Pele are adhered to.

    DUTIES : Provide overall management, supervision and control of allocated staff in a PHC
    setting to ensure smooth service delivery. Provide Community Based
    Rehabilitation (CBR)/Eye Care Services with the focus on health promotion,
    prevention and community intervention. Complete monthly report and stats and
    other administrative task required for running of the service. . Implement cost
    management and quality assurance measures. Perform staff appraisals report.
    (PMDS). Attend PHC management meeting, rehabilitation sub-district meeting
    and Quality assurance meeting. Ensure adherence of government policies
    including Batho Pele, National Core Standard, and Patient’s Rights Charter.

    ENQUIRIES : Ms. T Mukheli, Tel No: (011) 876 1776/1766/1767

    APPLICATIONS : Applications can be forwarded to the HR Manager: Ekurhuleni Health District,
    Physical address: 40 Catlin Street, Germiston, or apply online at:

    CLOSING DATE : 02 May 2014
  18. Danyel

    Danyel Member

    I do not recommend it at all!

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