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working in Spain

Discussion in 'Español' started by ajholds, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. ajholds

    ajholds Welcome New Poster

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    I have recently graduated with a BSc in Podiatry and I am HPC registered.
    I wondered if anyone had any information on how I can work legally in Spain.I previously lived there for over four years and am keen to return Please if anyone knows anything I would really appreciate some help.
  2. gnitram900

    gnitram900 Active Member

    Hi compañero,

    First things first, I would advise you to consider carefully carreer and lifestyle options, and to research the implications for your future, that such a decision could have on your professional development pathway. Talk about the options with your university lecturers, friends and experienced podiatrists within the range of UK workplace settings, so that you can inform yourself well, of all of your possibilities.

    From reading debates on this forum, and meeting and working with other podiatrists here, it is clear that there are many good professionals, who are clearly doing wonders for the reputation of the profession throughout many corners of the Spanish nation!

    I live here and am working in the field, previously I was a HPC registered UK podiatrist too. You said that you lived here for 4 years, what perception did you garner on the field, and the possibilities of a podiatry carreer there during that time? what specific areas are you unsure about?

    A lot would depend on the region you seek to live in, the type of practice you have in mind (specialisations), plus your language skills, if you would seek to open a practice for English speaking immigrants. Could you give us some more background, on what ideas you already have to start with in terms of those areas?


    the above link, gives information and forms that are needed convalidate your degree. It says that a plan of studies can be provided. I suggest that you provide as much detail about the content of all of your subjects studied, that your university can provide and that they stamp every page. Additionally it specifies to send a sworn justice of the peace copy of your academic results certificate. Everything should be translated, (if you are in Spain - by a sworn translator - the list is on the same website, and if in the UK, I think it can be translated by the Spanish Embassy).

    Be aware that the process of "homologación" is long, it can take anywhere between 3-5 years and depending on your course completed, might involve you studying some more subject units. hence the importance of preparing as much paperwork as your university can give you right from the start, as it will save you time in the long run. By the way, you can start the process of whilst you are still in the UK.



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