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WOW ME !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Employment in Ireland' started by Blarney, May 5, 2017.

  1. Blarney

    Blarney Active Member

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    WOW ME!!!!!!!

    Just about to qualify? Stuck in a job which you don't LOVE and don’t know what’s next?

    Fed up not utilising the skills you have and only doing cut and come again routine?

    Will you go to UK, HSE, Oz, back to college for career change, NHS or just hang around ad try and figure things out? Or not ready for a job just yet?

    Are you ANOTHER Podiatrist whose interested in joining my team.

    (Grateful of your interest, too).

    Okay..let's speed the process up and have you answer a few questions.

    When you've looked at them, REPLY to info@podiatry.ie with all your best answers:

    Here we go:

    1.) If you were doing an interview, what would be the number 1 thing you'd want to know (about the INTERVIEWEE i.e. you) and WHY?

    2.) What's the BIGGEST mistake you ever made? And what happened and what did you do to rectify it.

    3.) How would you deal with a customer who didn't like the price we charge?

    4.) Tell me about a time you've had to deal with a client or patient who wasn't happy with something someone else did..i.e. a GP who screwed up a referral or gave crappy service (standard).

    5.) Favourite BOOK? (and why)

    6.) Favourite place you like to SHOP and why?

    7.) Places or shops you hate to go and WHY?

    8.) If you ever had to, how would you ring up a client of yours and explain you had to cancel and appointment?

    9.) Tell me about a time someone told YOU that YOU messed up or what you're doing isn't or wasn't good enough.

    10.) What was the last "new" thing you learned or discovered (can be anything)

    11.) What’s your fav TV show and why?

    12.) One person from a film or on TV who resembles YOU...and why do you think they do?
    13.) What other options did you consider before choosing Podiatry at NUI?


    That's it!

    As you can see -- not really interested in your podiatry skills...simply because I'll teach you everything you need to know or send you on courses that can, if I can't.

    And by the way...I absolutely LOVE giving careers (...not jobs) to YOUNG, MOTIVATED and VERY HAPPY TO come to work Podiatrists.

    Kind of rules out loads of the NHS and HSE podiatrists these days -- but hey ho', they made their choice to go work over there and wait for a pension ;-(

    Here, it's all about "LOVE"!
    (I'm serious too, btw)

    How much of it you're wanting to give to our clients so that they look forward to *hurting themselves* -- just so they can come back and see you.

    And SERIOUSLY …. That’s how good we've got it here.
    Clients LOVE coming back to us because we take such good care of them and look after them so well ;-)

    If you're at all interested in coming to work WITH me and my TEAM...
    (...there's staff in place - Customer Service, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Pamela in Accounts, Kevin the IT guy included...)
    And from a small rural podiatry clinic started little over 10 years ago...
    ...we're now helping more than 1500 people per month across 7 sites in Leinster and Belfast.
    ...and if YOU WANT IN, just send me your answers NOW and do you're best to think of something DIFFERENT and WOW ME!

    Please don't bore me with standard answers ;-(

    Talk soon,

    Justin ;-)

    P.S Easiest WAY to make it to interview with me is WOW me with something that makes YOU stand out...

    I'm more interested in YOU as in, the REAL YOU...rather than the BSc, the acupuncture course.. bla bla bla' ...

    SO thrill me with something different about you - where you like to travel, where you've been and where you'd like to go with (...and tell me where so far you haven't been).

    We need to see something VERY different in you (...from all the other Pods) that my clients will LOVE to be around.

    So, go ahead, answer the questions and then tell me all about you -- then hit send.

    Fiona (me secretary) will pick up your reply and pass it on to me.

    BIG TIP: --> entertain us with an interesting *SUBJECT line* in your reply.

    Go ahead, make it up and don't be scared -- marks are awarded for being a bit different and trying to grab my attention ;-)

    See ya' soon.
  2. AKIRA

    AKIRA Member


    Has this position been filled yet?
  3. Blarney

    Blarney Active Member

    No - so why not WOW ME! I have positions in Ireland and Belfast UK.


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