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A forum for foot Health professionals

Discussion in 'Podiatry Arena Help, Suggestions and Comments' started by Robertisaacs, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. If site sponsors were chosen by Craig as a way to fund Podiatry Arena, then any money contributed toward Podiatry Arena would be given with no conditions on what could be said about the sponsor and its products. I would think that corporate sponsors would just love seeing their names on the header of Podiatry Arena for everyone to view. That way, we could still call their products anything we want even though they are helping to sponsor the site.

    Maybe Vibram could be the first Podiatry Arena sponsor since we have alreay given that company plenty of free advertising here on Podiatry Arena.:rolleyes:





  2. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    LOL, Under the heading "Any publicity is good Publicity":butcher:
  3. Shirts and corporate sponsorship are good ideas - no doubt Craig will explore the various options if funding becomes an issue. I am always a little uneasy re corporate sponsorship and impartiality, but providing the advertising isn't too much "in your face" and there is no privacy issues, then I'm sure that would be fine. If, in the meantime, there are shortfalls in revenues to meet the hosting costs of running Pod Arena, then all Craig has to do is ask. I'm sure the majority of users would be more than happy to assist.
  4. Can we do the classic

    My ( insert partner type here) is addicted to Podiatry Arena and all I get out of the relationship now is this lousy t-shirt....

    make for great Christmas presents .. I know the wife would just love one :rolleyes:
  5. I think that your diagrams are instantly recognisable worldwide within the podiatric community, Kevin. I'm sure you've got something you could put forward for use from your library. A signed Kirby original has got to be worth it...;)
  6. MJJ

    MJJ Active Member

    I have seen some websites that have a meter on the side that shows the cost to run the site for the month and then how much money the site has made towards that total. That may help members realize that perhaps they should help out.

    As far as ads go, the ads that a person sees varies from region to region. I was pleasantly surprised to see my ad on here one day, but I didn't ask for it to be here, nor did I pay anything unless someone clicked on it. Unless you were viewing The Arena from Saskatchewan you wouldn't have seen my ad. Check out Google Adwords to see how it works.

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