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Advice Regards Uk Pod working and living in Oz

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by steptoe, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. steptoe

    steptoe Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all

    I am currently completing the ANZPAC Skills assessment forms which are straightforward enough...but wanted to get some more information regards finding employment and possibly sponsorship as a UK trained Pod?
    I am aware of the visa application process and terms associated with it etc but with regards to moving to Australia for 2-4 years looking to make it permanent, with a wife and 2 children is it common with regards to Podiatry or is it stereotypically single adults?

    I am 29 with 5 years experience in the NHS as a Band 6 Specialist Pod in Biomechanics and currently run and own a successful clinic in South West England but me and my wife would like to escape the Uk and live a better work life balance!

    If anyone has any advice regards moving, finding rental property and everything that goes with it i would appreciate it. There's no substitute for first hand experience!


  2. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    Hi Adam,

    I did the mid life crisis thing in 2006 and placed a wanted add in the Aussie jobs section on this site. Had a response from a practice in Sysdney . After a couple of months correspondence agreed to sponsorship.

    So started the paper trail and when this was done I moved to Sydney in July 2006.

    I did 4 years in Sydney , but due to being well over 21 years I decided to return. I really enjoyed my 4 years in Aus and did a bit of travelling.

    As a guide using 2010 figures my Aus Salary based upon percentage of billings was 100,000.00 AUD for 48 weeks per annum.

    At your age and with the degree getting reg with the Regulatory authorities will be much easier than for an old goat such as myself. I was 48 when I went to Aus.

    Reg in Aus is now whole country not state as it was in 2006. So moving around is much easier today.

    Please note Pod is lower on the wanted list of occuaptions so may haredr to get in.

    Aus is furiously expensive especially Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Go to rightmove.com and look at house prices.

    A friend moved to Brisbane area with a million quid and family of 4 kids. he has a great house great job and lives quite well. But even with that some it has been very hard financially. The quality of life is great but you day pay for it.

    If I had stayed in Aus I would have lived in Tasmania, Queemsland outside Brisbane or mayborough hervey bay or towards cairns. The Blue Mountains near Sydney is fabulous. So is 4 hours South of Sydney also 3 hours North of Sydney.

    Health care can be very expensive, medicare is patchy. ona Sponsorship you will get reciprocal Health care till perm residency. But you will hhave to pay for a variety of services. Private Health can be expensive. My GP charged 65 dollars, but kindly he bulk billed on medicare. Not many GP's will do that.

    renting a property in Sydney nearly broke me, but in 2006 there was a shortage of suitable housing. It improved in 2009. Housing in Sydney is ruinous. be prepared to commute up to 4 hours per day. 2 days a week it was an hour to work and 1 and half hour home. The other clinic was a 10 minute walk. Traffic is Sydney is appalling. The metro however is excellent and good value.

    paper work and buraucracy is an art form and mind numbing. But achieveable.

    If you go outside a major city life is much easier and cheaper, but accessing health care can be frought. my uncle lived 3 hours north of Adelaide but every 6 weeks, in his 80's, he had to drive to Adelaide to take my Aunt to the eye specialist.

    Look at the job section on Aus on this site. it worked for me.

    Also cars cost a fortune in Aus I was dumbstruck.

    At your young age with a young family it could be the best thing you will ever do.

    But make sure you can afford to walk away if it goes tits up.

    As I say I had a fantastic 4 years and if younger I would have stayed. But not live in a major city. Tasmania or queensland would have been my choice.

    Good luck

    My contract was for 2 years with an agreement that if I renewd the contract that perm residency would be sponsored. I needed that due to my age.

    I was paid 40% of all billings plus 9% for super annuation also included. I had all my own instruments etc etc.

  3. MatthewQuinn

    MatthewQuinn Member

    Hi Adam.

    Hope the process is going well.

    I moved from the UK to Oz in 2012 at the age of 26 and honestly, haven't looked back since. It's the best thing I could have done for the long term. Difficult process though I'll admit however if you know people on both sides who can help it makes it a lot easier.

    I now work in recruitment and have done for over 5 years, specialising in Allied Health. I'm based out of Melbourne now and relish the chance of helping other Pommies get things sorted to come over too! I've been involved in helping quite a few people get set up and would be happy to see if there was anything I assist with. Even if it was just a bit of background about the types of roles someone with your level of experience might be able to get as well as where, how much you'll be paid and that sort of thing. We have a great background in Podiatry helping over 25 pods into work this year.

    Feel free to email me any time if there's anything you need.

    All the best Adam and best of luck with things!



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