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Contemplas / Templo Fully complete Running Technique Video Gait Lab

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mitchell P, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Mitchell P

    Mitchell P Member

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    We are one of the UK's leading running technique labs, Brighton based who have just upgraded our software to 3d. We are therefore selling our previous system which is a ready to go running technique analysis lab including cameras, lighting, pc, leads, stands, calibration boards, software. The only thing excluded is our treadmill.The system we are selling has been flawless for the past 6 years and is fully complete including leads and lighting.

    Podiatry arena doesn't permit me to post a link as I am not a regural contributer - but you can always do an ebay search on
    Contemplas / Templo Fully complete Running Technique Video Gait Lab

    You'll find photos of all the kit we're selling.

    The software is Contemplas Motion analysis (Software developed in Germany) The software we use is on a windows 7 platform. It is a 2 camera (sagittal and posterior) software. (£3500 software if bought new) We avoided going high definition as the quality is still awesome as the lighting keeps things razor sharp. High def would require more expensive cameras and bigger pc storage. The cameras we use are a very standard Panasonic 3cccd vid cam with zoom features. They sit on 2 German built professional photography Keiser copy stands (originally £300 each) which when secured to a wall hold the cameras in position but allow you to raise and lower the camera in a smooth and fully calibrated in line to the treadmill. We have two calibration boards (front and side) to allow you to detect and calculate movement of the runner with great ease. We have one large over head non flicker daylight tube light system to bring plenty of light into the room without the typical heat that comes off a halagen lighting (You may need an electrician to wire these into your lighting). We include all cables running to and from cameras to pc, the pc we have is an i5 dell with windows 7 (PC included). It has 8 gig ram with 250 gig hard drive. It has a custom 2 x firewire ports at the back to run the cameras to the graphics card independently. The software is on the pc and fully running without any issues. If I do have any support problems, Contemplas in Germany have been amazing with virtual pc visits to help when needed. Should you wish to upgrade to windows 10 or a greater platform, you may need to check with Contemplas for compatibility. It will be my licence you are purchasing, I would just need to notify the company that it is being used at a different address. The reason why Templo release newer versions is to keep up to date with operating systems. Updates do cost money, we felt it wasn’t a big necessity to bring it up to date as the software is smooth, punch and extremely easy to use. You are buying Templo full body gait analysis software 2 x camera system are not Templo Retail Light which is just feet.

    Our starting bid for the entire system with livenced software: £750 Buy now for £1200

    Don't want the software but want just the lab equipment?
    We'd be happy to sell all the lab kit without the PC or software for £400. This consists of high output non flicker lighting, 2 x calibration boards, 2 x cameras, 2 x Keiser camera stands, all leads. It's a lot of kit for very little money. Please email me if you wish for me to split the sale for you.

    If you're within 50 miles (and purchasing the full system) I'd be happy to step up and help you install providing you pay for the fuel for me to get there and back! If you have any questions prior to buying, please feel free to contactr me on 0-7836242242, i'd be happy to talk through it by phone with you.
  2. do you sell it ???
  3. Mitchell P

    Mitchell P Member

    Hello Sergio, So so sorry for not getting back to you. For some reason, i received no notification from Podiatry arena that you contacted me. My gait lab is still available though I haven't had much time to try and sell it. I would be happy to offer you the software and hasp key (a USB dongle which has my licence details on it). I'm slightly concered posting over seas as I would only post it fully insured, plus i can't guarentee that the software would work on your pc unless it's windows 7 with a suitable graphics card on board to handle the data. Due to the lateness of my response, you may well have found other software elsewhere. Apologies again for being so bad at responding. Please get back to me if you are still interested.
    Many thanks
  4. PB Running

    PB Running Welcome New Poster

    Hi Mitchell, Firstly is your kit still for sale? I am hoping to speak to MARsystems next week about licence fees etc as I am currently using this same system but with only the one camera and need to move on but the 3D is a bit out of my budget and I haven't got the required space at this time so buying your kit could be a step up from what we are using.
  5. Mitchell P

    Mitchell P Member

    Hello Barry, Thanks for getting in touch.
    Yes the equipment is still for sale. To be honest, I havent done much active stuff to try and sell it as i've been too preoccupied. I know Jonathan (benson) very well and I know that my licence is still active (hasp key and all!) Best to email me on mitchell@strideuk.com or feel free to call me on 07836242242. I very rarely check podiatry arena, It just so happened to send me a notification via outlook. Is it the entire kit you need? Hope to hear from you via email. Mitch

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