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HACC and EACH - Pricing????

Discussion in 'Australia' started by rhetoric66, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. rhetoric66

    rhetoric66 Member

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    Hi all,

    Not sure that this is the right catagory for this, but worth a shot.

    Recently moved to OZ from UK and trying to establish a business in QLD; can anyone give me the skinny on HACC, EACH, and "High and Low care" in relation to pricing???? I'm trying to supplement my current clinical hours with domiciliary packages but find that my proposals are unsuccessful due to my lack of understanding in this area.

    I understand what the HACC and EACH packages are but not what "the going rate" is. Any help in this would be great.

  2. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    Are you in private practice? or working for a public body? home visits should be no cheaper than what a tradesman would charge for a turn up fee...$70 or so depending on travel time and distance, more for longer....more if you can get it. Do you want to be cheap? and do the hard work of visiting for less? It's a difficult issue because they are often the people who can least afford to pay....and your social conscience may say one thing and your bank manager another.
    regards Phill Carter
  3. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    As far as being residents of nursing homes go in low care places any podiatry service is supposed to be paid for by the individual, but in high care the home management are supposed to provide podiatry to the resident if needed.....I am rural and a lot of improper stuff goes on in this region, work done by non-qualified people, the home claims they have a pod, but strangely enough he/she has always just been last week and you have missed out? and you never get to see them, so a fly by night Div 2 nurse (scalpel work also, and no knowing if the tools are sterile each time) shows up and does it for $30 or whatever. Its very dodgy down here. It's an area of work that has real problems, and you may be better off just sticking to your rooms???
    regards Phill Carter
  4. rhetoric66

    rhetoric66 Member

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for that, I have heard similar stories.

    My experience so far with tendering business proposals to aged care facilities has not been good. I have been in Australia for just a few months, and although I have got to grips with the likes of Medicare, DVA, and EPC, I have been unable to secure any large domiciliary contracts to fill in the gaps. Feedback has been limited but I appear to be pricing myself out of work I could really use at the moment, even when my margin is tiny!?

    I have a few new opportunities on the horizon but don't want to come across as green as grass; I have spent considerable time on the net as well as on the phone to the government offices with regards to HACC and EACH but have drawn a blank. I suppose what I need is advice on what people are currently charging in similar circumstances, in similar areas....if that makes sense!


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