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Is a Sub 2 hour Marathon Possible?

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by Craig Payne, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Active Member


    Why settle for sub2hr when we should be shooting for sub 1:50 or a 10% improvement.
    Why set the goal so low?

    Jeff the patent at attorney speaks with some first hand knowledge and makes some great points.
    I repeat this Nike patent should not have been issued IMHO because mechanically it is just using heel and toe leaf springs, something we have been using in prosthetics for a long long time. They have not invented anything new.

    "Technically, Nike do not actually state in the patent application what technical advantage is actually achieved by the spring plate (which from a patent attorney's perspective is a pretty important omission), but nonetheless based upon the comments in the Background section and the general terminology used throughout the patent specification it is fairly clear that the purpose of the spring element is to "improve locomotion efficiency."
    "What is striking about Nike's patent application is that Nike make no attempt to disguise the real purpose of the carbon fibre insert. Nike could have, for example, used completely different terminology and referred instead to the spring plate as being a "cushioning element". Nike could have said that the purpose of the cushioning element was to distribute energy involved in the impact of a running shoe with a hard surface more evenly as a function of time thereby reducing stress upon an athlete's foot and reducing the risk of injury. No mention might have been made at all in the patent application to any potential performance enhancement effects."

    Carbon fiber will break these records an as they did the 40 yard dash at the recent NFL combine.
    "They weigh 6.9 ounces and have a full carbon plate as part of the shoe. Unfortunately, they’re exclusive for the combine, so you won’t be able to buy the Vapor 4.2s yourself."

    All Aboard the Faster Train!

    A hui hou,

    Disclaimer I am the author and own the international patents that superseeds Nike's simple leaf spring shoe patent.
    US Pat# 8,353,968
    We have tested it for the US Department of Defense for SBIR A11-109 "Advanced Composite Insoles for the Reduction of Stress Fractures." US DoD and AMRMC

    Levers Do Work
    Leaf Springs Just Spring
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  3. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Active Member


    Perhaps Tucker is right foam would make a great "restrictor plate" for the field of athletics.

    We may not want our armature athletes running too fast...

    Here is NASCAR's solution for keeping race cars from going too fast.
    Perhaps instead of foam restrictors we could also use steel plate restrictors in the shoes of our athletes?

    A hui hou,

    Making Room for Vrooom!


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  4. Dr. Steven King

    Dr. Steven King Active Member


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