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New Graduate Position- Mackay Qld. Full mentorship program!

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by phil, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. phil

    phil Active Member

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    We are looking for a Podiatrist to join our super team. Will it be you? We are in sunny Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Google it!
    We are looking for someone who...

    - Wants a supportive start to their Podiatry career! We have a full new graduate mentorship program, including training and partnership with senior Podiatrists in clinic, to ensure you are confident and prepared to start or progress your career. Nice! Recent graduates welcome to apply too!
    - Loves being part of a team of friendly podiatrists and support staff, and working in a fun and encouraging environment. Our culture is everything to us.
    - Has a passion for providing excellent patient service while helping fix people's foot pain.
    - Enjoys not living in a stupid big noisy city (Mackay has a population of 85,000, and has 6 flights a day to Brisbane (one hour flight time) for $80 each way, if you absolutely have to go to a big stupid noisy city).
    - Has a specific interest in biomechanical injuries, but not just pumping orthotics out the door like a orthotic sales-person.
    - Is willing to mostly work in our modern, brand new clinics, but willing to do one nursing home day a fortnight, and one overnight outreach trip a fortnight. It is great to mix things up a bit, and have some variation!
    - Is interested in using super fun gear, like video gait analysis tools, 3D optical scanners for orthotics, and ESWT (shockwave).
    - Is excited to maintain and grow our relationships with the local physiotherapists, GP's, chiropractors, other local health and fitness friends we have! We are team players, so you better be too!
    This would be an amazing opportunity for a new graduate, or recent graduate, to develop their skills and confidence, as part of a really fun and supportive team environment. We take having fun very seriously!
    What else...?

    Our practice focus is on fixing foot pain, and 90% of our patients are biomechanical injuries. Most of of patients are direct referrals from other medical professionals.

    Our practice systems and processes are world class, and are all about supporting you to focus on being the best Podiatrist you can be, and enjoying yourself while you're at it! We make your life easy.

    Pay is standard award rate (based on experience), plus a bonus based on daily takings. Plus super flexible hours, days off, etc. Starting hours would be 4 days per week, approximately 30 hours per week to start, increasing as schedule gets busier. 12 month initial contract, with a 2 month probation period. Also, you will need a car and licence.

    Extra stuff- Travel allowance (to visit Mum and Dad, uncle Bob, and Cousin Madge each year)- $1000 per year. Plus paid professional development, in your interest areas. Plus flexible holidays. Plus Phil usually bring in Mexican for lunch on Mondays. Yum!

    If you want to know more, call me (Phil) on 0420304727, or email phil@pioneerpodiatry.com.au . Or fill in the form below :)

    P.S. Podiatry as a career has a high attrition rate, with 50% of graduates leaving the profession within 5 years. Don't be a statistic! Make sure you find a job that supports you and brings out the best in you! We've focussed on creating a practice we enjoy, so we can be in it for the long term. Why not come join us?

    Click here to see job description on our website.

    Plus, we have kangaroo's on the beach. How could you resist beach kangaroo's?


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