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Position for Podiatrist - Graduates Welcome

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by drfoot2, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. drfoot2

    drfoot2 Active Member

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    St Albans Podiatry is seeking a motivated and caring Podiatrist, to join our existing team. This is an initial Part time position, 3 – 4 days per week with the scope to grow. Days are flexible.
    We are a well-established practice with in house Physiotherapy along- side. The practice is computerised, using Frontdesk software and with full admin support, 3 dedicated and fully equipped rooms, including 3D scanner, Shock wave therapy, Laser and U/S.
    Our practice covers all aspects of podiatry with a varied caseload ranging from routine foot care, biomechanics, diabetic and high risk foot assessment/management, nail surgery and cryotherapy. We use 3D scanning technology for orthotic prescription and provide footwear in clinic.
    The type of person we are after:
    • Confident, motivated and with a can do attitude
    • Great communication skills and a team player
    • Able to work autonomously
    • Absolute care and professionalism with a patient focus
    Essential requirements:
    • AHPRA registration
    • Police check
    • Current drivers licence and transport
    • Current professional indemnity insurance
    New graduates are welcome to apply, as the team will be there for support and mentoring.
    Please send your expression of interest, a cover letter and resume via email to:
    Practice Manager Sandra, E:- info@stalbanspodiatry.com.au

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