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Podiatrist seeking employment in Dubai

Discussion in 'Podiatry Employment' started by Radhika92, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Radhika92

    Radhika92 Member

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    I’m looking to see if there are any podiatrist vacancies in Dubai. I have 5+ years worth of experience in all settings including community, in patient and out patient care. I have completed a MSc in Diabetes and would appreciate if anyone could let me know if there are any positions vacant.

    Many thanks :)
  2. Turnidian

    Turnidian Member

    Hi Radhika. As I see you're a good specialist in your work, so you may have a bigger salary and better conditions than most immigrants or other working people. Also, it depends on many factors, such as are you a local? I'm not local but I know a good place where I can find work for me and for my local friends if they need help in it, it's https://jobpro.ae/ - place where you can choose a city where you want to work and type of work. Also, they give you good salaries, as it was in my case.
  3. AH29

    AH29 Active Member


    Are you in Dubai? I think moving abroad is a great idea. I personally am looking to do this as well, feels like I'm in a rut in this country. Plus you get nicer weather, tax free, better shopping.

  4. Analie Sigue

    Analie Sigue Member

    we have opening at Abu Dhabi must take exam of DoH
  5. Analie Sigue

    Analie Sigue Member

    we need Podiatrist for our abu dhabi center
  6. AH29

    AH29 Active Member

    Good day,

    I am interested. How can I apply please?

    Thank you
  7. Analie Sigue

    Analie Sigue Member

    send to analieAThsmcDOTme
  8. Analie Sigue

    Analie Sigue Member

    qualification degree holder with license and two years experience or masters with one year experience

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