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Podiatry students starting at University next year would never have used a....

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by admin, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Slide ruler
    Eight track player
    Rotary dial phone
    IBM computer punch cards
    Television without a remote
    Manual typewriter
    Transistor radio

    Any others?
  2. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Aaaaaah - the 8-Track, the future of in-car entertainment ! :D
  3. dmdon

    dmdon Active Member

    used a mobile phone the size of a house brick
    had a picture of Sigorny Weaver hanging in their bedroom (remember the last bit of alien) :D
    used a book of logarithims

    and slightly changing the subject......

    never queued for tinned food at sainsbury
    wear orange flared jeans (blush) :eek:
    met Mark Bolan
    never bought electrical equipment without being offered extended insurance


    David Donovan
  4. Dawn Bacon

    Dawn Bacon Active Member

    ......or worn plimsols, played LPs and 45s OR ever been to Glasonbury before it became so commercialised!
  5. Paul Baalham

    Paul Baalham Member

    or thought that being gay was simply being happy :rolleyes:
    They would never have tasted 'Spangles' or 'Five boys chocolate bars'
    And would never have bought 4 'Black Jacks' for a penny.
  6. dmdon

    dmdon Active Member

    "spangles".....now were're talking.

    red and black liquerice (however you spell it) shoe laces


    old spice aftershave is that still around?


  7. corndolly

    corndolly Member

    Black and White TV
    transistor radios
    Radio Luxembourg
    Jackie magazine
    Top of the Pops
    Waiting in the rain to use the "Public Telephone Box"
    "Live" Queens Speech on Christmas Day
    Bicycles with no gears!

  8. omg 123

    omg 123 Member

    The freedom of summer to enjoy as a 10 year old child.
    Unlike the fear and worry of a parent today?
  9. Ros Kidd

    Ros Kidd Active Member

    2 way Family Favourites on Sunday and wait for it, 4 way Family Favourites at Christmas.
    Blue Peter with Petra the dog
    Bill and Ben, The Woodentops with Spotty.
    Getting in a car for the first time, people across the road had a Vanguard one day they drove us around the block....I was five.
    Four Feather Falls, then Supercar with Mitch, the Fireball XL5 that had Zoony in it.
    The list is endless.
  10. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    And I bet they didn't know who the Captain of Thunderbird one was - or who he was named after. And the same for Thunderbird two, three and four - we had proper education in those halcyon days! And I bet they never bought a pack of five Park Drive Plain! (ciggies)
  11. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Blimey - a ten year-old thread resurrected!

    I ran a car for my last year at college - I was signed up to an NHS Authority and they paid me a salary for my last year - not a grant - a proper starting salary:drinks.

    I had a Morris Minor with (wait for it) a rally seat cover:D.

    I remember Billy Connolly, before he was famous...............
  12. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I am probably revealing too much information here, but guess what I do at 6.OOAM on Sat and Sunday AM ... its on channel 'Go'

    Thunderbird 1 – Scott Tracy
    Thunderbird 2 – Virgil
    Thunderbird 3 – Alan
    Thunderbird 4 – Gordon
    Thunderbird 5 – John and Alan
  13. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    I don't know if you remember a particularly cheap and horrible "wine" called Thunderbird?

    My stepdaughter, after a ltlle too much of that stuff, gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "Thunderbirds are Go!
    And not in a good way:D.
  14. Rob Kidd

    Rob Kidd Well-Known Member

    I am seriously impressed! The one that catches most out is 5 - it was turn and turn about Alan and John (3 months on, three off)- but not a lot of people know that.

    Scott Tracy = Scott Carpenter
    Virgil Tracy = Virgil Grissom
    Alan Tracy = Alan Shephard
    Gordon Tracy = Well, Ros has let me down here - doesn't know

    What we do remember is that Alan was shagging Tin Tin!

  15. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Possibly Gordon Cooper? Mercury and Gemini craft. Famous as the first American to sleep in space - now they do it for six months. How times have changed!

    Back to earth - Beyond Our Ken, The Navy Lark and cerebral TV - Life before Birth and Civilization. How about Sherbert Fountains and the most disgusting chocolate (imho) ever created - Caramac?

    Those were the days

    Bill Liggins
  16. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    Stilletto heels
    Backcombed hair
    Mascara in a block that you had to wet to use
    Vinyl records
    Pirate Radio (Radio Caroline)
    Radio Luxemburg
    Platform soles
    Vesta ready meals
    Galaxy chocolate
    Rain hats for ladies that concertinaed up into a tiny holder about 2" x 1"
    Pagoda-shaped ladies' umbrellas
    Going to the corner shop on a Sunday to buy something they weren't allowed to sell on a Sunday, and being given it in a brown paper bag.
    Z-cars, The Avengers, Mogul, The Planemakers, Double your Money, Opportunity Knocks, Emergency Ward 10, Wagon Train, on TV.
    TV's that had a wooden cabinet with doors
    School milk
    A row of ceramic ducks on the wall over the fireplace (naff at the time but now collectables)

    Ahhhhhh, nostalgia :)

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