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Research job opportunity - Leeds

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by TonyR, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. TonyR

    TonyR Member

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    Faculty of Medicine and Health
    Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine
    Section of Musculoskeletal Disease

    Research Officer
    Full-time (100% fte)

    The Section of Musculoskeletal Disease, at the University of Leeds, works in close collaboration with the Department of Rheumatology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This large clinical Academic Section represents one of the largest clinical academic groups for rheumatology in the world. Part of the clinical academic group is the FASTER (foot and ankle studies) group.

    This group is a growing multidisciplinary team currently responsible for nine UKCRN portfolio registered studies and with further studies in the pipeline. The group is led by Dr Anthony Redmond who runs a programme investigating the interactions between biological and mechanical factors in a range of musculoskeletal diseases affecting the lower limb. The person appointed to this post will be working under the direction of Dr Redmond and working closely with other fellow researchers.

    The post is for a research officer supporting one or more of our UKCRN portfolio registered studies.
    We require a focused candidate to join our team and take responsibility for coordinating specific clinical trials from set-up and recruitment through to trial closure and analysis. The post holder will be responsible for facilitating management of projects on a day-to-day basis, will undertake data monitoring activities and coordinate the activities of different partner sites.

    You will work with attention to detail and have excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills (written and presentational); computer experience and reliability are also essential.

    You will be required to visit participating centres on a regular basis and some overnight stays may be required. A full, valid driving license and own transport is desirable.

    This post is available as a fixed term contract for 29 months

    Further details of the Institute’s research are available on the website

    University Grade 6 (£24,152 - 28,839 p.a.)

    Informal enquiries to Dr Anthony Redmond, tel: +44 (0)113 392 4914, email: a.redmond@leeds.ac.uk
    To apply online please visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk and click on jobs

    Alternatively applications packs are available from Gayle Iype, tel: +44 (0)113 392 4884, email: g.a.iype@leeds.ac.uk

    LIMM Job ref 314383 Closing date: 15 January 2010

    Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine (LIMM)

    LIMM is an Institute within the School of Medicine which is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health (FMH). The other Institutes within the School and Faculty are listed below and provide a strong research framework with extensive opportunities for collaboration.

    • Leeds Institute of Genetics, Health and Therapeutics (LIGHT) – successor to Professor Chris Wild
    • Leeds Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS) – Professor Allan House
    • Leeds Institute of Medical Education (LIME) – Professor Trudie Roberts

    Reporting Relationships

    You will be responsible on a day-to-day basis to Dr Anthony Redmond, through whom you will be accountable to the Head of Section (Professor Paul Emery) and ultimately the Director of Institute (Professor Terence Rabbitts).

    Organisational Chart
    Head of Department: Professor Paul Emery
    Group Lead FASTER: Dr Anthony Redmond
    PhD Students / Research Assistants /Research Officer
    Laboratory Technician

    Main Duties & Responsibilities
    The post holder will be responsible for:

    Facilitating project management by

    • Contributing to recruitment on our portfolio registered studies.
    • Following up potential participants through telephone, email and postal contact.
    • Offering assistance to aid flexibility in recruitment and retention.
    • Offering practical clinical support to existing projects.
    • Assisting in obtaining appropriate ethical and regulatory approval
    • Developing a full understanding of the guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and ensuring that all aspects of the trials are conducted according to the guidelines for GCP.

    • To interact with other colleagues, researchers and other research support staff within the group, wider Section and externally with local and national clinical and academic collaborators.
    • Communicating day-to-day and more complex and conceptual ideas to clinical staff and academic staff orally, in writing and electronically.
    • Communicating clinical and research information to patients in oral and written forms.
    • Contribution to the writing of peer reviewed research and clinical papers.

    Team Development and Leadership
    • Coordinating research and clinical staff involved in the lead and supporting centres.

    Liaison and Networking
    • Creating internal and external networks to support and enhance research activities.
    • Liaising with local investigators and research staff on issues relating to trial progress, protocol violations and GCP.

    Decision Making
    • Maintaining links and partnerships with local and national clinical and academic collaborators to progress research.
    • Assist with the design and development of study protocols for the studies.
    • Keeping up to date with current research relevant to each project and keeping the investigators informed of new research

    Planning and Managing Resources
    • Working and collaborating closely with senior colleagues to deliver the proposed project
    • Balance the pressures of research and administrative demands end competing deadlines.

    Sensory and Physical Demands
    • Use of PC for inputting and analysing data, creating presentations and producing publications, and communication via email.
    • Use of gait analysis equipment in the laboratory.

    Work Environment
    • Conduct risk assessments and take responsibility for the health and safety of others e.g. patients and staff in the clinic.
    • Ensuring that the CRFs of patients entered into specific trials or research projects are completed and computerised correctly and at the appropriate times.

    Knowledge and Expertise

    The post holder must be able to:
    • Demonstrate undergraduate clinical qualifications and appropriate clinical registration.
    • Operate the gait analysis equipment and, with assistance, analyse and interpret the output
    • Manage highly specialised case loads of patients with musculoskeletal diseases, including the care of people on immunosuppressive therapies and at high risk of tissue damage.
    • maintain and develop the reputation of the Section of Musculoskeletal disease as a centre of clinical excellence and research leadership in the field.

    The post holder will assist with any other duties of a similar nature that are delegated by senior staff members of the Division/ Section / Institute.

    This job description provides a framework for the role of research officer in the Section of Musculoskeletal Disease and should not be regarded as a definitive list of duties and responsibilities, which will develop and change over time through natural progression.

    Although this appointment is based in Section of Musculoskeletal Disease, all University appointments are made on the understanding that individuals may be transferred to other departments or sections when special circumstances make it appropriate.

    Professional Registration:
    As a qualified medical or allied health professional you should obtain periodic registration with the Health Professions Council or General Medical Council. You will be required to maintain such registration so long as you remain employed with the University of Leeds, confirming to you line manager that renewal has been carried out as required by the relevant professional organisation. You should produce documentation giving evidence of your registration upon request.

    Person Specification

    The successful candidate will possess the following essential criteria:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in podiatry, physiotherapy or other health profession and registration with the HPC or GMC.
    • Evidence of successful working in a clinical environment
    • Effective communication with interpersonal and time management skills
    • Efficient in meeting deadlines and maintaining records
    • A working knowledge of Microsoft Office software
    • Data management and IT skills
    • Willingness to travel on occasion (within the UK)
    • Ability to work effectively both independently and in a team
    • Effective communication skills and a positive attitude to collaborative work
    • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team and interface effectively with technical staff, students, clinicians and academic staff.
    • Ability to participate constructively and enthusiastically in meetings

    Desirable criteria:

    • Knowledge of the regulatory and governance environment relating to clinical trials.
    • Experience of successful working in a research environment
    • Experience of report writing
    • Evidence of a commitment to their own development
    • A full, valid, current driving licence and own transport

    How to Apply

    We encourage all applicants to e-mail their completed application forms to us and to complete the equal opportunities monitoring form on-line as this is the most efficient and environmentally friendly option available.

    Send Completed Applications to: Gayle Iype - g.a.iype@leeds.ac.uk

    Closing date: 15 January 2010
    Quoting Job Reference number: 314383

    Applications should include the following:
    • A completed application form. If you wish to download an application form allowing you to e-mail your application back please visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk/hr/forms/index.htm#recruitment
    • A Curriculum Vitae/information requested on page 2 of the application form.
    • Equal Opportunities Monitoring form found online, please visit:

    If you have decided to submit your application by post please return to Gayle Iype, 2nd Floor, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds LS7 4SA.

    Replies will be treated in complete confidence

    If you are selected for interview you can expect to hear from the University not later than 4 weeks after the closing date. If you are not selected for interview the University will not contact you again.

    Right to work

    Under Home Office UK Border Agency regulations, employers who wish to appoint a worker from overseas who do not already hold the right to work in the UK under an immigration category (other than those holding Tier 2 certificate status) are required to demonstrate that they are unable to recruit a resident worker. Applications from candidates that require Tier 2 immigration status to work in the UK are welcome and will be considered alongside all other applications. Non-EEA candidates may not be appointed to a post if a suitably qualified, experienced and skilled EU/EEA candidate is available to take up the post as the employing body is unlikely, in these circumstances, to satisfy the Resident Labour Market Test. For further information and to self -assess the likelihood of obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship for this post please visit the Home office UK Border Office: (http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/)

    Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau is required for this position. The successful applicant will be required to give consent for the University to check your criminal record status through independent verification (from the Criminal Records Bureau). Information will be kept in strict confidence. Your offer of appointment will be subject to the University being satisfied with the outcome of these checks.

    Disabled Applicants

    The post is located in Chapel Allerton Hospital. Disabled applicants wishing to review access to the building are invited to contact the department direct. Additional information may be sought from Disability Services, e-mail disability@leeds.ac.uk or tel +44 (0)113 343 3927.

    Disabled applicants are not obliged to inform employers of their disability but will still be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act once their disability becomes known.

    Data Protection

    The information you provide in your application will be used to consider your suitability for the post for which you have applied. If your application is not successful the information will be disposed of confidentially after 9 months. If your application is successful and you are appointed, your information and future data will be processed in accordance with the University's Data Protection Code of Practice. A copy of this code can be obtained from either the University's Human Resources Department or by visiting: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/hr/policy/index.htm

    Health and Safety Responsibilities

    You are required to adhere to and comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act, related Regulations and act in accordance with the University’s Policy on Health and Safety which can be accessed via: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/safety

    In addition you are also required to co-operate with regard to the implementation of the Health and Safety arrangements and should not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interest of Health, Safety and Welfare at Work.

    For more information on the University and terms and conditions of appointments please visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk

    To find out what it’s like to work at the University of Leeds, view our DVD online at:

    Information for International staff moving to the UK can be found at: http://www.internationalstaff.ac.uk

    Equality and Diversity Statement

    The University of Leeds is proud to be a multi-cultural community. We value diversity, and are determined to ensure:
    • that we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect;
    • that the opportunities we provide are open to all;
    • that we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment – for staff, for students
    and for visitors.

    We recognise that we still have work to do to secure a truly inclusive community, and we are committed to a wide-ranging plan of action to tackle discrimination and to promote diversity.

    The Equality and Diversity Statement forms part of the University’s Equality and Diversity Policy, which applies to staff and students alike and is available on the University’s website at: http://www.equality.leeds.ac.uk/ed/policy/

    The University has published the following policies and codes of practice which are linked to the Equality and Diversity policy. They are also available on the University’s website:
    • The Race Equality Policy,
    • The Disability Equality Scheme
    • The Gender Equality Scheme
    • The Code of Practice on Harassment and Bullying

    Further information and advice are available from The Equality Service, Telephone: +44 (0)113 343 3927 or by email to equality@leeds.ac.uk.

    Pension information

    For appointments to academic or professional and managerial grades you will be eligible to join the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and will automatically be entered into this Scheme when you commence employment at the University. Full details of the benefits offered by the Scheme can be found on their website www.usshq.co.uk, and more information can also be obtained from the University Pensions Department.

    If you are being appointed to a clinical post with the University, you may retain the right to remain in the NHS pension scheme.

    If you are an existing University member of staff and are currently on a support grade, you will be eligible to join USS on your appointment to an academic or professional and managerial grade. You may decide to transfer the benefits you have built up in the Pension and Assurance Scheme (PAS) to USS, however this transfer will not be on a year for year basis and you may decide instead to leave these benefits deferred in the PAS scheme. The pensions department will be able to give you further details regarding the options available to you.

    If your appointment is to a grade 7 post, in some circumstances it may be possible for you to remain in PAS, please speak to the pensions department for further details.

    The University of Leeds

    With a proud tradition and an ambitious future vision the University of Leeds offers an exciting environment for all staff. We want to build on over a century of achievement and we now have a new ambition to be in the top 50 universities in the world by 2015. Our staff will be crucial in achieving this vision and we are looking for more talented people to play a part in our future.

    Established as an independent institution in 1904 we are now one of the largest universities in the UK with an outstanding reputation for our research and teaching.

    Leeds is a member of the Russell Group of UK research-led universities and is a founder member of the World Universities Network (WUN), a global alliance of major international institutions gathered from the UK, North America and Asia. These networks give our staff and students further support for international collaboration. Our wide range of research areas – from medicine to performing arts – creates a tremendous base for collaboration between colleagues.

    Around 12% of our 32,000 students are international and come from over 100 countries. We are consistently one of the UK's most popular institutions for undergraduates. They choose Leeds for the quality of our courses and student experience. Our students are challenged by learning and teaching which is informed by our research. We are building stronger relationships with our graduates, and they are increasingly playing a role in campus life.

    With around 7,500 staff the University is one of the largest employers in Leeds and one of the most diverse with staff of around 100 nationalities. We offer a range of benefits as an employer and we are continuing to invest in services and facilities for staff. These include a new staff centre and plans for a new swimming pool and fitness complex which join existing facilities like the nursery and sports centre.

    Our 98 acre campus is minutes away from the centre of one the UK's biggest cities.

    The City of Leeds

    Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK and home to over three-quarters of a million people. It is located in the heart of the UK and is the regional capital of Yorkshire and the Humber.

    It is unrivalled in the north of England as a major shopping destination and centre for the arts, entertainment, nightlife and leisure. The city has a rich cultural heritage with a wide range of theatres, cinemas, museums and art galleries and a thriving music scene to cater for all tastes. Leeds has a proud sporting tradition and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in everything at all levels.

    Home to some of the UK’s and Europe’s leading companies, Leeds has seen the fastest rate of growth in terms of job creation in the UK over the last two decades. It is the main centre for the regional headquarters of government departments and utilities providers and the National Health Service. It is also recognised as a major centre for financial services and is the top legal and media centre in the UK outside London.

    Leeds has excellent communication and transport links. The city is well served by affordable, frequent local transport and has extensive coach and rail services connecting Leeds with the rest of the UK. Leeds/Bradford airport provides regular flights to an increasing number of destinations.

    Large areas of parkland make Leeds a very green city. There are many areas of natural beauty and interest in Leeds from the national attractions of the Royal Armouries and the Thackray National Medical Museum to the fine mansions of Harewood House, Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall. Leeds is also within easy reach of the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, the Lake District and historic towns such as York, Harrogate, Ripon and Bradford.

    Rich in history, with a diverse economy, thriving cultural scene and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Leeds stands proud as a city of regional, national and international importance.

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