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3 month locum in SA public health

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by psridley7, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. psridley7

    psridley7 Active Member

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    REED Healthcare is recruiting in South Australia and requires an AHP 1 level Podiatrist to work a fixed term contract for 3 months.

    Skills and Experience

    • AHPRA registration
    • Police Check (DCSI)
    • Eligible visa (working holiday acceptable)
    • Suitable Podiatric qualification
    • Driving licence
    • General footcare
    • Rural health
    • Community podiatry

    About the role

    You will work in Port Augusta with a public hospital. This really is an interesting role working with patients who can present with a huge range of conditions from general to high risk chronic disease related conditions. You will be based at a hospital/community health centre and also work regionally. You will be required to travel in the local area with a MDT.


    Work for the public health service. This is an exciting and varied position that will suit travelling podiatrists as well as local podiatry candidates. The role itself will encompass a wide variety of podiatric duties carried out on a daily basis. The suitable candidate will get the chance to work an extremely diverse podiatric caseload and as such build some great experience in a number of different areas in the field of podiatry.


    • Accommodation can be provided for up to 3 months (FREE)
    • Work directly for the public health service
    • Working in an experienced team where the Podiatrists get most of the referrals
    • FREE flights or help with relocation
    • Get some good rural experience

    How to apply.

    Click the apply button or contact Paul Ridley, Specialist Podiatry and Speech Pathology Consultant, +61 03 9223 7554 for a confidential discussion or email paul.s.ridley@reedglobal.com directly.

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