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3D Foot scanner manufacturer (Delcam, Autodesk, Elinvision)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Paulius, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Paulius

    Paulius Member

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Paulius Teresa, I work in iQube feet scanners manufacturer company.
    If you have any questions, problems regarding the scanners or softwares for them, want to buy new, repair or upgrade old feet scanner you can always contact info@elinvison. com or support@elinvision. com.

    If you have any problems with Orthomodel, it's dongles, (have scanner but lost software?), do not worry, we are ready to help and find the best solution.

    Paulius Teresa,
    Elinvision Support service
  2. Ian Drakard

    Ian Drakard Active Member

    Hi Paulius

    Good to have your expertise around here

  3. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    I will try to follow up postings. If someone needs ANY help regarding scanning, about all Delcam/Autodesk solution including orthomodel, orthomill and so on I will allways help you or at least forward you to the right direction.

    Paulius Teresa,
  4. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    Hi Paulius

    Are you any good with Om milling strategies?
  5. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    Hi Phil,

    We are specializing in feet scanning technologies and working with scanners and related scanning softwares.
    We can answer almost every question regarding scanning, but i suppose quite less about milling, orthotics itself and so on in which podiatrists specializes.
    Well, in case iQube scanners work with OM, we have to know moreless about base technology of another products and functions from the "Delcam solution" (I mean OrthoMill, OrthoManager, etc). I could show you how to change parameters or set something, what are the possibilities, but i cannot tell you what exactly do you need because we are engineers and programmers, not podiatrists. And still I would be able to ask for help of podiatrists i know about the answers from their practice for specific questions you matter (like milling strategies).
    If you have questions feel free to ask, if i won't be able to answer, i will be able to forward question to people who can help directly. We still have some connections from former Delcam and Autodesk who kindly help us to support this system.

    In other words, you can ask here or support@elinvision.com, in one or another way we will find an answer to every question regarding all OM pack.

    Paulius Teresa,
  6. Turtle

    Turtle Member

    Hi Paulius,
    Looking around on the internet, Delcam was bought out by Autodesk. Autodesk has since stopped advertising the OrthoModel & OrthoMill range on their website. Any suggestions on software for orthosis and footwear design?
  7. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    I would look at FIT360 Orthotics as I have used this to replace OM. It is great design software but at the moment doesn't have the milling software.
  8. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    Hi Turtle,

    There are a few options in this case and it depends from situation. Have you ever used some products from Delcam/Autodesk like OrthoModel? Do you have a scanner? Do you have milling experience? if you could email me to support@elinvision.com we could talk this over.

    Paulius Teresa
  9. Hi Pauilus,
    We are a small practice in the Netherlands, and hopefully we’ll get 2 more offices in the future (one office is for sure). One of our problems is that we are using a handheld scanner for all our needs and we've never been used foot scanners before. Our podiatrist is satisfied with the current state of affairs, but I'm (as his assistant) not really. I think that we need similar specialised equipment and technical support if we want to be more than just small office. I have lack of arguments in my attempts to persuade him. Our scanner is quite accurate and have pretty similar cost compared to good specialised foot scanners.
    What should I tell him to take my point of view? Thanks

    P.S. our scanner is Artec Eva and we are using FIT360
  10. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    Hi Frank,

    In this way, I need to know more about what do you do.
    Do you scan human feet, foam boxes, casts or everything?
    Are you making orthotics? Prosthetics? shoes? Milling?Drilling?
    How much time do you take to capture a scan with Eva? What about noises? How much time do you spend to crop noises?
    I would need to compare the scanners to tell you advantages and disadvantages. Could you send me some scan examples?
    Eva is seems quite expensive, you could get an iQube cheaper. Full 3D feet scanner costs are similar, so It depends from your needs actually, what type of scanner do you need.
    You can write me to paulius.teresa@elinvision.com if you want to discuss in private.

  11. Chrislawrie00

    Chrislawrie00 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Frank
    You mentioned my company - FIT360. Can you please contact me on email via my website so I can understand what you are doing and hopefully help you find the right scanner solution for the software and workflow you want. Thanks
    Chris Lawrie
    Owner | FIT360 Ltd | UK
  12. Jonathancassens

    Jonathancassens Welcome New Poster

    I am interested in mill- for carving positive model and or foot orthoses
  13. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    Hi Jonathan,

    I suggest you to speak and consult with Paromed: https://paromed.de/en
    They are specializing in milling machines for orthopedy sector.
    I gave an answer from them: milling machines are able to mill insoles from different materials (EVA and Cork) and also positives from a hardshell plate.

    The contact for sales would be:
    Markus Zaus

    They will consult you and i'm sure you'll find the best solution and if you won't, contact me again, I'll give you more contacts.

  14. José lafre

    José lafre Welcome New Poster

    Hello Teresa, please, I need to buy a foot scanner for pasive and active analysis.
    I mekefoot insoles and need this scanner come with his software to compare a standar step with the patient step. Do you have a suggest?
  15. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    Hi Jose,

    What software are you using for insoles modeling?
    Please write me to paulius.teresa@elinvision.com, we will discuss about your needs, I'm sure i can suggest you something.

  16. Paulius

    Paulius Member

    I'm leaving Elinvision.
    Write me personal message to podiatry arena if you are looking for any help.
    Thank You!

  17. adrien

    adrien Welcome New Poster

    Hello Paulius,

    can I get you new email? I would like to contact you about podiatry scan solutions?
    Thank you
  18. Elinvision support team

    Elinvision support team Welcome New Poster

    Hello Adrien,

    Incase you need information on our scanners,
    please contact us through our official email:

    (a) - is at sign, unfortunatelly i can't post email links yet,
    because we don't have enough posts on this website.

    Elinvision support team.

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