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A Voluntary General Podiatric Council

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Simon Ross, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Simon Ross

    Simon Ross Active Member

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    People like John Mason and others are going to have to forgive me for not knowing, but what are the benefits of having a General Podiatry Council, even if it is voluntary?

    What are the advantages over the HCPC please?
  2. rosherville

    rosherville Active Member


    Many of us, I believe it was also carried at a SCP AGM, think that the HCPC is not fit for purpose for such a profession as Podiatry. The thought occured that if we could muster sufficient support we would be in a position to withdraw en masse from the HPC and there would be an organisation in place and ready to fulfill a regulatory function. Remember, never go to administrators with a problem unless you're ready with an alternative.

    We recommended no co-operation with the HPC apart from necessary registration. The majority of the profession showed apathy towards the subject! So that's where we are today. My view is that the profession will never reach it's potential because of the apathy displayed, standing behind Mr Russell saying 'go on, well done' will achieve what ?

  3. Simon Ross

    Simon Ross Active Member

    How much would a GPC cost to form and join?

    People say that the HCPC is unfit for purpose, but what would be different about a GPC?
  4. blinda

    blinda MVP

    So why join the apathetic and resigned, John? Surely, we should be encouraging our colleagues to take the step out from behind and stand next to Mark, by writing to the Chair and Registrar of the HCPC to express our concerns and enquire what they intend to do regarding the now publicly highlighted limitations of Protection of Title.

    Positivity yes
    Have you had your plus sign to day?
    Positivity yes
    Do we mark you present, or do we mark you late?

    Hold on to your soul, y'all, court, sing
    Hold on to your soul, we got a long way to go
    Hold on to your soul
    - Prince, of course.
  5. rosherville

    rosherville Active Member


    How much ?. Less than the HCPC

    Advantages for starters, democratic and with podiatric involvement, enough ?


    'why join the apathetic and resigned ? Madam, you do me an injustice, if only you knew.

    Why not stand next to Mark ? There's more than one way to skin a cat. Mark's way would certainly not be mine but that should not stop those of a like mind supporting him, I wish them well. As to the writing, I, and others, have done all that and far above the HCPC.
    As to what they intend to do about limitations, well nothing of course, why should they ? Protect of Title is what they do (poorly) and that's their remit. It's Protection of Function that's needed, that's not within their gift and I suggest could never work efficiently with a generic council dealing with a hotch potch. They're doing very nicely, thank you, and you want to rock their boat, beware.

    Blinda, apathetic and resigned never, pessimistic yes, please allow me that. When colleagues decry the HPC one day and the next day taking position and fees within, would you not be at least a little pessimistic ?
  6. daisyboi

    daisyboi Active Member

    Are you perhaps confusing apathy with contentment? Perhaps the profession recognises that the HCPC is doing as good a job as any other body would. Chiropractors have their own dedicated general council and it functions in a very similar way to HCPC but at a much greater cost per head.
  7. Simon Ross

    Simon Ross Active Member

    To make the HCPC "Fit For Purpose" the Health Professions Order needs to be re-looked at/re-worded.

    The HCPC can only be as effective as the HPO allows it to be.
  8. rosherville

    rosherville Active Member


    Are you perhaps confusing apathy with contentment ? In some cases probably yes but it`s often difficult to tell the difference.

    Perhaps the profession recognises that the HCPC is doing as good a job as any other body would. with respect, nonsense. There`s always room for improvement.

    Chiropractors have their own dedicated general council and it functions in a very similar way to HCPC .

    Really. We don`t have a dedicated Council. The Chiropractic Council has just over 1300 registrants. The HCPC over 300,000, over 13,000 are chiropodists. Number of Chiropracters on Council 50%. Number of Podiatrists on Council 0%.

    I`m having trouble finding any similarity. I expect it has something to do with level of expectation. Of course, if your only concern is the registration fee then I understand.

    Both Councils have similar office functions, the income raised by the Chiropractic Council is just over £1million, the HCPC over £24million !

  9. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    I must wade in on John's behalf here Bel, and you know me to be anything but apathetic.

    John and I, after many letters to the HPC (when it was the HPC) set up the General Podiatric Council. We wrote to all the professional bodies asking for their involvement with no support. A few, a very few colleagues did indeed offer their support and paid money for membership (since returned). However, the general view was that of apathy, or the expressed view that the Society should be the body to encapsulate the profession and therefore there was no need for unity except within the Society. (It was Society people who took this view). All this was debated on these pages. So John is correct; apathy no but pessimism, yes.

    All the best


    PS Happy Birthday!
  10. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Ok, John. I was wrong to suggest that you are being apathetic. I was pleased to hear that you had written to the HCPC press deptartment "asking that they give the same level of coverage to this decision as they did for the first hearing". Please, do let us know their response.

  11. rosherville

    rosherville Active Member


    Of course I will.

    And it's worth remembering, 'all that glitters is not gold' & 'hollow vessels make the most noise'.

  12. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Indeed. Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle. Me, I intend to burn the midnight oil at both ends.....
  13. rosherville

    rosherville Active Member

    Sounds fun, careful not to get your fingers burnt !
  14. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Good job you're not drinking the midnight oil too...........:D
  15. It's a prerequisite to a fulfilled life, John..
  16. foot rott

    foot rott Banned

    how do you see this working within the NHS?
    I ask this due to many other ahp working under the HPC, and the NHS using this as a standard of employment?

    Would the NHS recognize the new body?
    Would any remaining pods with the HPC have to change so to continue to work in the NHS even if they did not want to?

    All new birth is painful I fear this would not be an exception!

  17. anthony watson

    anthony watson Active Member

    do we need to change?
    I am referring to the apathetic nature of our profession and votes/change
  18. Podess

    Podess Active Member

    Anthony, some people think the profession needs to change.

    The idea of a General Podiatric Council has ben kicked around for years, but so far nothing tangible has come from it.


  19. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Anthony. Speak to your professional body; ask them:

    i) were talks ever held between ALL (emphasis, not shouting) the major professional bodies
    ii) was any form of agreement made
    iii) if it was, did it consist of a draft parliamentary bill to be laid before parliament for functional closure of the profession
    iv) were there sufficient MP's of stature to take it through parliament
    v) which professional body pulled out of the agreement
    vi) why?

    I would just add that I am not referring to 'Early Day Motions' but to a bona fide parliamentary bill.

    The answers may surprise you.

    Best of luck

    Bill Liggins
  20. anthony watson

    anthony watson Active Member

    sorry didn't mean to belittle the work of many forward thinking podiatrists.

    I should not have used those terms

  21. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    I wasn't suggesting for a moment that you were. It's just that I for one would love to know the answers given by the professional bodies to their members!

    Bill Liggins

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