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Alternative to Interpod insoles in the UK

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Podiatrya, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

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    I'm done with using Algeos who seem to be monopolising and commercialising our field and are the sole importers of these insoles. I find their customer service diabolical, the account handling useless, they keep sending me the wrong thing and giving the impression i'm the problem somehow, they never tell me if they are out of stock and the invoicing bears no relation to their withdrawals from my account messing up my books. :bang: If they spent a fraction of the time they spend on marketing and trying to be the Tescos of podiatry on actually doing the thing we pay them for perhaps they would have a functioning company.

    Ranting aside if anyone can tell me another way of getting interpods or if there are an alternative insole now with built in correction that actually works i would be most grateful

  2. William Fowler

    William Fowler Active Member

  3. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

    Lucky you. I won't bore you with the details of my frustrating interactions over the years.

    Thanks for the links. Have you experience with either company to recommend one?
  4. jit0855

    jit0855 Member


    We have an alternative to the interpod so please inbox me your details and I will post you some samples.

    Kind regards

  5. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

    Are they secret or in pre-production or do you have a website we can all see?

  6. jit0855

    jit0855 Member

  7. jit0855

    jit0855 Member

    Click onto "Our Services" and on the right had side open up "Generic Orthotic Item List"
  8. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

    Thanks, looks interesting but what are the prices and can you supply full length top covers? Also do you do any child sizes? Thanks
  9. jit0855

    jit0855 Member

    The prices for these insoles are ?10 + VAT, so ?12 in total. They don't come with covers unfortunately but is something we can look into and we don't do child sizes in this range.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further assistance.
  10. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

    I need a top cover option really so let me know if you've come up with a solution. Got to be rigid enough to be able to go in and out of shoes easily, same as the interpod one really.

    Otherwise the price is certainly more realistic. The price of Interpods being jacked up now to 25 plus vat which seems excessive for a piece of mass produced injection moulded plastic.

    I spoke to http://opm-online.uk and sure enough they can't sell Interpods outside of Ireland and suggest i speak to Algeos :bang:

    Let me guess how they work: go to the supplier, say "we're the big boys, we'll give you a bit more for an exclusive contract" and then they jack the price up to the very most they can squeeze out of us with the rationale that we're supposed to not worry about it and just pass it on to the patient for example they recommended I sell interpods for ?75 a pair to patients! Or the Clearanail drill for 2K for a nail drill without extraction that should perhaps be 300 or 400 but with a built in obsolescence drill bit you need to keep paying Algeos for, but don't worry because you can charge your patient ?150 to drill 10 holes in a nail and give most of that money to Algeos. Or like the Hadeco PPG machine that doubled in price when Algeos got an exclusive distributor contract or the Neurothesiometer for 2k i think it was. Gradually they seem to be taking over exclusive rights to things and in the end we'll be working to make Algeos rich and our patients poor. And then make out they're a company working for the good of our profession. Thanks guys! :drinks This should be a serious concern for us, i'm not just having a rant here.
  11. jit0855

    jit0855 Member

    We will certainly look into the covers.
    If you would like a sample please email me your address at kcht.podiatryorthotics@nhs.net and type/size you would like from the list on our website and I will send out the sample asap.
  12. Podiatrya

    Podiatrya Member

  13. jit0855

    jit0855 Member

    With a leather cover pre-applied we would charge ?14 + VAT = ?16.80 Total.

    Apart from pre-fab shells, all our insoles are manufactured at our facility in Herne Bay, Kent.

    The kids insoles can be provided with or without rearfoot correction.

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