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Another lamb to the slaughter

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Icebox Man, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Icebox Man

    Icebox Man Member

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    Decided to take a total career tangent and move into playing with feet for a living.

    Starting my course at the Leaf & Robert Dodd from September 28 so thought I might sign up and do some reading from the learned masses here.

    Already been told to watch out for how Ivan teaches Biomechanics so wondered if there was anything else I should (or shouldn't) know!

    Anyhoos, time to start poking the forums and see what turns up.

  2. Send my very best wishes to Ivan. I have no idea how he teaches biomechanics, I only got my degree there ;) I do recall some cool halloween parties at his place though. And way too many good memories of Eastbourne- I qualified in '91 BTW
  3. nickita

    nickita Member

    dont do it...

    really dont do it...

    find another career while you still can...

    while your still young...

    ...and have a life!:pigs:

    im sure you would find much more fulfilment in... say dog grooming, shelf stacking, trolly collecting in car parks.... even fourtnightly trips to the local jobcentre plus will hold more fun and adventure... than FEET! :sinking:


    ...oh really you still wanna have a go...:bash:

    ...oh well don't come back crying to me:empathy:

    ...wishing you'd studied the art of trolly collecting!!

    you have been warned!:deadhorse:
  4. Icebox Man

    Icebox Man Member

    Despite the best efforts of other forumites to sway me from my choice, it's too late to turn back now.

    Only a week to go before it all starts & I gain my first shiny piece of medical equipment.




    a pair of clinic scissors!!

    Gee, ya think they would give us something more fun to play with.

    Althought I suppose it's better then the 'training pocket knife' that Bart Simpson got!!

    Oh, let's not forget the name badge either!!!!
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2009
  5. Ah, memories. Like the colours of my mind. Etc

    Welcome to the oddest profession in the world. It's great, you'll love it.

  6. Icebox Man

    Icebox Man Member

    Can I just clarify what I meant by this part of my OP.

    It was not meant as a slight or defamatory comment against Ivan Birch. Before taking the plunge into Podiatry I had spoken to several people who had graduated from the same course and a couple of them mentioned that they found Biomechanics quite a hard part to understand while a few others found that it made sense and they didn't struggle as much.

    So I am hopeful that I am in the latter group and that it does make sense to me. I have no problem asking questions if something is causing me problems but I am hopeful it will not.


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