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Any Australian Podiatrists that may be able to help me

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by amandamiah, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. amandamiah

    amandamiah Active Member

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    Hi All

    I am currently living and practising in Brisbane QLD and have been for the last year. Since being here I am finding it very difficult to seek any podiatry specific courses such as wound healing, diabetes courses etc etc. All the course I come across seem to be for nurses. I did venture on a nurses wound healing course last year and to be honest it was very focused on venous ulcers so not much use.

    I find the podiatry conferences are very expensive to attend 3 x more than the UK and I've been told that it is mostly Biomech which is not really an interest of mine.

    I'm struggling to find any kind of branch or networks where other pods meet on a regular basis or stay in touch apart from pod arena of course but does any one know if there are any podiatry branches in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast...

    Please help I feel that I will have to fly back to the UK to attend any course at this rate.

    Many thanks

  2. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    Hi Amanda

    I too am from the UK and would love to attend some wound care/high risk seminars but unfortunately it appears to be contained within the community sector. The training that i have attended appears to be contented with material i am already familiar with.

    Maybe we should set up our own interest group!
  3. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    PORTAL Education is broadcasting Diabetic Foot Global Conference 2014 online LIVE and ON DEMAND from Los Angeles in March 100% free! Full CPD and CME points... MORE INFO CLICK HERE
  4. amandamiah

    amandamiah Active Member

    Hi Toughspiders

    That sounds good it would be great to meet up with you and possibly set up an interest group. Where in Brisbane do you live? I live on the south east side near mt. Gravatt and work in Mansfield. If your serious we could meet up or talk on the phone first, let me know and I'll pm you my mobile number.

    Thanks Paul I watched the DFCON last year and thoroughly enjoyed it I fully intend to watch it this year. It's such a shame it's not nearer it would b great to actually mingle with a couple of other pods. I attended the Glasgow conference run by the society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in 2012 and had the pleasure of attending David Armstrong and Neil Bakers lectures it was pretty amazing.

    Thanks for replying both hope to hear from you soon Toughspiders and possibly meeting up
  5. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    A group of Aussies goes to DFCON every year in Los Angeles. Flights are pretty cheap and I can probably get you discounts through PORTAL on in person tickets and hotel accom. if you want to go. After the conference there is usually a 3 day debrief in Las Vegas for those wanting a bit of a road trip! Lots of Aussies go in their own direction after to see other parts of California. Its a great networking event for people and meeting people from all over the world in that field is eye opening.

    Of course if you don't have the time or available money then that's why PORTAL was designed :)

    PM me if you want to go in person and we can chat further.
  6. Deka08

    Deka08 Active Member

  7. Tom Quinton

    Tom Quinton Member

    Hi Amanda,

    I'm going to the AWMA conference on the Gold Coast, which will be primarily nurse focused, but there will be a number of presentations on high risk foot care. It might be an easier option than DFCon, but DFCon would be amazing!!
  8. amandamiah

    amandamiah Active Member

    Hi Derek
    Thank you for your help I have been thinking about contacting some of the pods at Qld Health I think I'll defo give that a go next week. I am kinda of dumb founded that there is not much in the way of net working or CPD in QLD I don't know if the other states are the same. I found a couple of courses but most of them seem to be in either Melbourne or Sydney..

    I'll have a look at that conference you're attending Tom, I went to the Arthritis conference in the Royal Brisbane Hospital last year which was mainly targeted at nurses although there were a couple of pods and physio's there so I might just see you there..I totally agree DFCON was a very high standard last year lets hope that the pod celebs like Andrew Boulton and David Armstrong have a strong input although it would be great if Neil Baker would make an appearance as well.

    I would like like to thank all of you for your input you've certainly all raised my hopes...


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