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Associate Podiatrist in Barnsley, South Yorkshire required ASAP

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by jon.winstanley, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. jon.winstanley

    jon.winstanley Welcome New Poster

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    We require a Podiatrist required on an associate, fee-sharing basis to join White Cross Podiatry; a Barnsley based, family run practice for 1 day a week initially, with the potential to increase at a later date if suitable. With a mixture of domiciliary work and the exciting opportunity to expand and already established clinic at a local GP surgery, excellent people skills will be required to maintain the professional reputation built up by the company. This is a fantastic opportunity for a newly qualified or experienced Podiatrist within the private sector.

    As a Podiatrist, you will be expected to see people with a variety of foot care issues and treat them accordingly. We have built up an excellent rapport with all our patients and clients and we would expect an Associate to do the same. The ability to build up good working relationships is vital to your success, so excellent inter-personal skills are a must.

    We are looking for someone to start with our small company as soon as possible. You will have support throughout your initial period and learn the ropes of a small private practice. The successful candidate will be qualified or due to qualify shortly. The role will be varied, both within a clinical setting and domiciliary work. You will be supported initially by the lead Podiatrist, in home-visit and clinical settings, to be shown how we work. The Practice Manager will also be on hand to take you through all the administration needed to see clients. You will meet prior to each day, collecting all necessary equipment, details of who you will see, and where you will see them. There may also be the opportunity to work within nursing homes with your own Podiatry Assistant; seeing all residents and treating them accordingly. We will also be looking to offer a (limited) training budget to allow the right candidate to fully develop in their areas of interest.

    The position is ready to take up and easily built upon, depending on how much the candidate wants to put into it. Initiative and dedication is required to develop the clinic, promoting the services and develop the social media side of the company, all with continued support from the Lead Podiatrist and Practice Manager.

    We also have 'Pop - Up' clinics at local businesses and these opportunities are, again, there to be developed.
    With all the potential to develop this role, the successful candidate could easily increase their working hours and their earning potential.

    For more info about us and how we work, please see our website at wcpod.co.uk

    Please send your CV and a short cover email to phil.winstanley at wcpod.co.uk

    Closing date set as Friday 02/08/19.

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