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Australian Podiatry Institute

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Admin2, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

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    http://api.computergeekreviews.com/ (EDITED: The site has been removed from this link)

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2015
  2. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    So is this a company or what? It seems to be only linked to the ACT and NSW Podiatry Assoc. and not the other states, a bit strange?

    Click into their link "8 stringent quality specifications" and it takes you to http://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/brand/specs.php

    l guess they are trying to "beef up" their profile!
  3. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Since posting the above, the site has been taken down. It appeared to be hosted on the web designers testing server. It was obviously not complete
    The Google cache is still available. Here are the screen shots of the cache:

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  4. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Attached Files:

  5. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I have caught the adverts on TV the last two mornings for Williams and Mathers (?) back to school shoes with an endorsement from the "Australian Podiatry Institute".
  6. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    So its a person out to make some money from using the brand "Podiatry" or the association of ACT and NSW running a separate fund raiser to the other states?
    Wasnt there one similar last year "Podiatry approved" or something like that?

    Maybe you should jump on board with your own type of endorsement program Craig.
    "Footwear approved by the Foot Payne Institute" has a nice ring to it.
  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Its not a person; it appears to be a company owned by APodA(NSW)...I am sure there are some politics at play as to why this is not a national initiative. I have no idea if APodA(Vic) are happy or not that adverts are appearing on TV here in Vic that are endorsed by a NSW "company"?

    From the average Podiatrists perspective, I not sure what they are going to make of it. I certainly said "WTF!" when I caught the advert on TV claiming endorsement by the "Australian Podiatry Institute". Given I had never heard of them, the immediate reaction was that something dodgy was up. They being very secretive and given that there is this advertisement appearing claiming endorsement, it makes of mockery of the 'transparency' claims that were on the website.'
    yep: http://www.podiatry-arena.com/podiatry-forum/showthread.php?t=85439

    APodC did have this previously:

    ...so not sure where the APodC 'Podiatry Endorsed' fits in with the 'Australian Podiatry Institute'.
  8. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    Just saw it on the TV, goggled and found it here.

    APodA(Vic) have no knowledge of this, unsure if SA, Qld or Tas do. Unsure if the ApodC do either.

    Will look forward to the APodC response.
  9. pdoan01

    pdoan01 Active Member


    There is a section explaining what it is under the executive officer's report in last months APodA NSW magazine.

    Here's the link:

  10. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    Right, that is interesting. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    So then why is there a need to create a separate company to do the endorsing?
  12. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  13. CJPWA

    CJPWA Member

    What a cheek after all the hoopla about WA introducing subscribers and the need run it pass the other states first. So much for national unity.
  14. CJPWA

    CJPWA Member

    Consider the Impact of nationalisation on the consolidation of assets of each state . A separate company to keep assets separate.

  15. caf002

    caf002 Active Member

    As this institute seems to have no real status and all those who know it are treating it at arm's length, it would be prudent for the APODC to distance them selves from the API as well. The API are trying to represent the podiatry profession inappropriately and probably unlawfully
  16. APodC

    APodC Active Member

    Hi all,

    We haven't had a chance to get the APodC Board together since the API was launched.

    The APodC has had an partnership / endorsement program in place for many years and we've been careful in selecting high quality organisations and brands to work with. We reinvest all funds received in advocacy and providing services for all member associations. We don't pay any commissions, directors fees or dividends to other parties.

    All products endorsed in the last two to three years have been assessed externally from the APodC by member podiatrists selected for their expertise. The APodC pays for those reports.

    The launch of the API does cause the APodC some challenges but we have a good relationship with with manufacturers generally (endorsed and otherwise) and have a good value proposition. Once the APodC Board has had an opportunity to consider those challenges, I'm sure we'll be speaking with all state member associations in an effort to get the best result for members in the long run.

  17. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  18. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  19. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    Sure, it is pretty poor form that a state association would undertake a national initiative like this without taking the other states on board. What are they thinking?
  20. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I wonder what APodA(Qld) feel about this appearing in the Courier Mail:

    and on Facebook:

    and its plastered all over their flyer: http://issuu.com/fusionrb/docs/2015flyer_nocrops2

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  21. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  22. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    It certainly has a "State" focus, in the section, search for a Podiatrist....

    Box Hill postcode 2765(NSW) 9 results
    Box Hill post code 3128 (Vic) 0 results

    Maybe its just Box hill Vic. that has no Podiatrist?
  23. antipodean

    antipodean Active Member

    I'm late to this having seen the logo on some junk mail from Williams this morning.
    Wikipedia definition of institute is
    An organisation having a particular purpose, especially one that is involved with science, education or a specific profession.

    In this case it would seem it was set up with the specific purpose of charging a fee to endorse a product.

    Or is that just too skeptical?

    This esteemed Institute probably has shiny floors and well groomed scientists in lab coats stringently analysing products. I'd like to think it is like the Ponds Institute. Contributing much to the advancement of mankind and a better world.
  24. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member


    "All products must pass stringent quality specifications, as assessed by a panel of three (3) experienced Australian Podiatry Association (NSW&ACT) members to earn endorsement."

    How could you possibly be skeptical of that? They have "stringent quality specifications" AND they use not one, not two but THREE Experienced Australian Podiatry Association Members (only from NSW and ACT - because there must not be any experienced Podiatrists out of that state right???)

    Not to mention the ONLY the experienced Podiatrists in Australia are all members right? Considering a proportion of the Podiatry population in NSW wouldn't be members, they may be excluding a lot of potential "experience".

    The Directors of API are one Board member, one accountant and the ex - executive officer who doesn't work for the association anymore. http://australianpodiatryinstitute.com.au/who-are-we/

    The statement that should satisfy you Antipodean is: "Endorsement is earned, never bought" - the endorsement policy can be found HERE Although they make the statement "Endorsement is earned, never bought" in the endorsement policy they make it quite clear a "fee is payable" as the first part of the endorsement process and a licensing fee as a last part of the process.

    "The process is outlined in full in the publicly available "Application for Endorsement" form. By way of summary: (i) applicants file an
    application for review (fee payable); (ii) an independent review panel (of three reviewers) conducts a review and makes a nonbinding
    recommendation to the API's Board of Directors; (iii) the Board then makes its own final decision about endorsement and
    formally communicates that decision (with reasons) to the applicant. If endorsement is granted, it is granted subject to the terms
    and conditions (which include terms requiring the applicant to pay a licence fee to the API) contained in the "Endorsement
    Agreement" that the API and the applicant then sign. "

    Also interesting how the "Board" (remember 3 people, 1 Podiatrist one accountant and one ex staff member) have "its own final decision about endorsement"

    By the way I cannot seem to find the "publicly available "Application for Endorsement" form" - if someone gets hold of it can they post a link here please.

    And C'Mon APODC - seriously? Two years or so ago you tried to stop another "Podiatrist owned company" from nationally endorsing products with the "Podiatry Approved" moniker - but that is the best response you could give above? "The launch of the API does cause the APodC some challenges but we have a good relationship with with manufacturers generally (endorsed and otherwise) and have a good value proposition. Once the APodC Board has had an opportunity to consider those challenges, I'm sure we'll be speaking with all state member associations in an effort to get the best result for members in the long run." Hypocritical much? Call it for what it is.....like you did with "Podiatry Approved"

    Craig have your tried to have Podiatry Arena "Endorsed" ?

  25. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    You mean there are Podiatrists in other states? Get the hell outta here!!!!! ;)
  26. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    And don't forget that the link for those quality specifications went to this: http://www.certifiedangusbeef.com/brand/specs.php before they changed it.
    The criteria on that site are:
  27. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Just checked the logs. In the last 24hrs, 72 people have come to Podiatry Arena via search engines after using the search query "Australian Podiatry Institute" .... a lot of people are looking it up!
  28. antipodean

    antipodean Active Member

    Well if usage of their endorsed shoes result practically in absence of capillary rupture I feel compelled to recommend those with medium or fine marbling.
  29. thinkfeet

    thinkfeet Member

    These TV advertisements are here in QLD.

    As from previous comments, I am interested to hear the full transparency about this company (API) and its association with APodC (all states).
  30. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    It has no association with APodC nor the other state associations. It is an initiative of APodA(NSW).

    I think APodA(NSW) need to explain:
    1. Why a state association is undertaking a national initiative (and why they expected the other states to not be ****** off?)
    2. Why they would do something that is so divisive in the profession?
  31. APodC

    APodC Active Member

    Hi Thinkfeet. As Craig identified, API isn't in any way associated with the APodC. We weren't involved in its establishment and we're not entirely sure of the ownership structure other than to say that it's a separate company associated with APodA NSW.

    Note: Under our current federated structure, each state is a separate independent organisation with their own locally elected Board. These state organisations are then members of the APodC.

    The APodC endorsement program currently covers the Ascent range of school shoes and the Simon DeWinter Mediped sock range. These are identifiable as the blue 'P' logo is used on Ascent and Simon DeWinter's advertising. We urge podiatrists to support the Ascent and Simon DeWinter products as these companies are investing in the profession through projects that benefit members nationally, such as advocacy, building a career pathway and investing in the development of practice accreditation. Again, we don't pay commissions, dividends or directors fees on these.

    We're constantly talking to other vendors about further endorsement (feel free to send us suggestions of products you think are great quality) however we've always been very fussy about the products we've endorsed as we believe it's important that the endorsement enhances the podiatry brand. We've tried very hard not to discount endorsements or water down our expectations around quality, albeit this may be more difficult to do if state associations enter the national market. We hope that discussions with state organisations will lead to a collaborative approach in which members in all states benefit.

    This may also start the conversation about the structure of podiatry associations again.

  32. thinkfeet

    thinkfeet Member

    Hi Craig,

    I have rung HELEN at the API. Apparently I am the only person who has rung her to clarify this. As you have mentioned, no association with other states + initiative of APodA (NSW) only.

    There is a FLAT FEE from the shoe companies + Mathers + Williams to use their API stamp of approval. So the entire endorsement is going back to the APodA (NSW).

    The endorsed products (by the sounds of it) is being advertised and sold in states other than exclusively NSW.

    When will the APodC be meeting to discuss full inclusion of this endorsement?
  33. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    So how much are the Directors and Reviewers getting paid?
  34. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.

    APodA(NSW) have just announced it:
    Endorsement program via Podiatrist panel for footwear and foot care products launched
    20 January 2015
  35. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Just remember McDonalds had the "Heart Foundation Tick of Approval" until the end of 2011.
  36. thinkfeet

    thinkfeet Member

    Thanks for your response Damien.
  37. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    Thanks Damian, I agree that this needs to start the conversation about the structure of associations. While I'm on the board at Vic, all my opinions here are not representative of the Vic APodA.

    I feel that the development of the API is a really disruptive move that acts to segregate the podiatry profession even more than the WA issue.

    We look like a joke when we can't move forward as a unified health profession that is forever going off and doing it's own thing. Until we all stop thinking about our own little patch and how we can individually gain and start thinking about the profession as a whole, these decisions will continue to disrupt. Imagine if the effort that went into the development of all these little carry ons that appear to be made based on individual group profit rather than professional reputation and progression, went into nationally advancing the profession. We might actually make a whole lot of ground in credibility and representation at higher levels in health decisions.
  38. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    It is markedly clear that over the years certain individuals within our profession have made clear and decisive moves to prevent national initiatives including national unification of professional bodies. It is these people who should be directly accountable for holding this profession back over the years.

    It is a large part of the reason why I am no longer a member of APodA(NSW) and hence APodC by default and it is also a reason why this API debacle should force any current member to ask questions of their state Association and carefully consider where their hard earned member dollars are going!
  39. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    "... stamp of approval logo will provide assurance to customers that a product is of quality and will deliver on its promises......The rigorous endorsement process will ensure that quality footwear and foot care products are made known to the customer that seeks this reassurance... "

    By that statement they are now taking responsibility for the quality of the product, will this over ride the manufactures responsibility/liability?
  40. Bug

    Bug Well-Known Member

    So Paul, with that statement I would encourage you (if you already aren't) to consider membership with another state. This is another way that members can show that they aren't happy with decisions made for them by their board.

    We continue to have people want more from their peak bodies however membership comes at a price. A greater number of people means a greater voice. Every podiatrist gains from the wins that the APodC makes yet only a small portion of the profession is paying for this. When challenged it is always too expensive, don't like what they do etc etc. Join a different state the, challenge your local association that they aren't doing what you want.

    Don't like this API, speak up. It shouldn't have to a thread in a forum with a few vocal members.

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