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Best Quote of 2009

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Robertisaacs, Dec 8, 2009.

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    I hereby open nominations for the best pod arena quote of 2009. Only a few weeks to go til the end of the year.
  2. Being my 1st year here on PA .

    Whats the rules of this one. Must the quote be positive, do we name the person who said the quote?

    How many people take their bat and ball and go home after this one ?
  3. I nominate

    Craig Payne for

    Dave Smith for a snappy comeback

    Ian Griffith for being charmingly direct

    Sam Randall for his powers of observation

    Dave Smith (again) for making himself clear!

    Dr Sha, and credit where it is due, For a lovely bit of tongue in cheek


    Classic 24 carat Simon Spooner,

    Mark Russell, reining us in

    and for an absolute classic

  4. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Oi Isaacs - theres an 'S' on the end of my surname... and I thought we were friends... :mad:

    I'm sure I read another textbook Spoonerism this year - something along the lines of him 'not trusting someone to sit on the toilet seat the right way round'. Can't find it now, but thats what gets my vote.

  5. when taken out of context
  6. Oops. Sorry. I got the right number of F's though!

    That one is disqualified due to poor referencing. Thats attributed to Rowan Atkinson in the "wedding speech" sketch.

    No real rules to this one Micheal. Its just a place to pay homage to some of the gems of wit and wisdom the forum has thrown up this year.

    Here is last years

    http://www.podiatry-arena.com/podiatry-forum/showthread.php?t=22372&highlight=best quote 2008

    The winner was mark russell with

    Robert Isaac. ;)
  7. Indeed it is, one of the best monologues ever including the classics:

    "if I can use a gardening simile here, if his family can be likened to a compost heap (and I believe they can) then he is the biggest weed growing out of it"

    And my all time favourite:
    "When I first met him, I thought to myself either this boy is mentally retarded, or the new vacuum cleaner has just arrived"
  8. Dr. Simon Spooner took on two of my favorite Podiatry Arena posters with this great quotation, directed at Dennis Shavelson:

  9. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I can not find one of my favouirte quotes. I have looked for it a couple of times. It was something that Robert wrote. I was a nice summary of the situation where a number of people with "new" theories come here to Podiatry Arena expecting to be welcomed with open arms .... it was a well put together paragraph and summary of what happens.

    Robert - do you recall what you wrote?
  10. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  11. Rings a vague bell. Was it this one?

    Although I rather liked Kevin's interpretation

  12. Or it Might of been this one

    ". A new poster arrives with radically different ideas. The community refutes these ideas. The poster becomes frustrated and claims the refutation is simply because their ideas are new! They even become angry and accuse the arena community of being a closed clique. Its not! Its just that to change somebodies mind you must offer them more than "because I beleive it to be so!" "
  13. pgcarter

    pgcarter Well-Known Member

    I'm sure Gallilleo felt just the same??? As for the "left tit in the mangle" quote, that is from Monty Python in the 70's, so not original, but still amusing...
    regards Phill Carter
  14. Here's a good one from David Wedemeyer, DC, where he explains to Robert Bijack how much he admires the words of Ed Glaser:

  15. I enjoyed this lovely prose from Dido when describing the activities of John Falkner-Heylings - it gets my vote!

  16. The elegantly simple...

    "do you get a set of steak knives with that?"
  17. So what quote was the winner for 2009 ?

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