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Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by footsteps2, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member

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    Podiatrist - Brisbane - North & South

    Encara Brisbane QLD
    About Us:
    Encara (encompassing care) specialise in the provision of physiotherapy and allied health services to the residential and community aged care sectors. For over 13 years Encara have specialised in providing allied health services to some of Australia's most vulnerable people. We are dedicated to optimising the quality of life of the people in our care.
    Encara is owned and operated by allied health professionals and as such clinical excellence is at the front and centre of all that we do. Our Head Office is in Brisbane but we are located far and wide throughout Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and now in Tasmania.
    Benefits of Working at Encara:
    • For all our roles we can offer flexible work arrangements, tell us what works for you and we can do it!
    • Encara's extensive management structure ensure all staff are well supported, receive regular feedback and have all the knowledge they need to do a great job!
    • New employees receive a thorough induction and training via Encara's Learning Management system. You will be equipped with the industry specific knowledge required to succeed in your role.
    • Our Education Co-ordinator organises Encara's education initiatives, ensuring easy access to professional development opportunities.
    • Find a career, not just a job! Stand-out performers have the opportunity for career advancement with Encara by progressing into team leader and management roles.
    • As a national company you will have the ability to transfer across different locations should your life take a change in direction! We are always keen to keep great staff on board and so are happy to discuss intra-company transfers.
    The Opportunity:
    Join our Podiatry team in Brisbane. We have two vacancies one on the North of Brisbane and the other on the South of Brisbane.

    To be considered for this position you must have a current driver's licence and a Car.
    Your role will be to provide a high standard of Podiatric care to residents of contracted aged care facilities.
    • Assess and diagnose existing and new conditions in order to provide individually tailored treatment plans.
    • Alter and adapt management plans based on patient progress and objective symptoms.
    • Maintain up to date and accurate records.
    • Provide diabetic assessment and review.
    • Chronic disease and wound care management.
    • General foot care and nail surgery including verruca treatments.
    All applicants must hold or be eligible to hold registration with AHPRA, and be willing to undergo a police check.
    New graduates are welcome to apply and will have access to our new graduate education programme!

    For further information regarding Encara , please feel free to contact Kodi Gordon, Talent Acquisition on 0400 648613 or e mail kgordon@encara.com.au .

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