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Have you considered the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Online, for taking it to the next level? See here for more.
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Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp Now Online

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Craig Payne, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator


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    I have taken the plunge and its now all online!
    Several reasons why:
    • I was getting tired of all the travel
    • As new content was always being added, other content was being deleted, so needed an avenue to keep that older, but still useful content available
    The content is about 4 days worth now, broken down into 20-30 minutes chunks that you work through at your own pace. You get life long access to any updates.

    Other courses are coming.

    To my somewhat surprise. most of the early registrants for this are those who have previously been on a face-to-face Boot Camp! .... says a lot about what hey think about it! (there is a discount code for those that have been before).

    Website for it: http://podiatrycpdacademy.com/checkout/

    Here is the blurb:
    Here is the content outline:
    1. Introduction
    2. The Foot Orthoses Paradox
    3. Possible Solutions to the Paradox
    4. Introduction to Assessment
      1. Clinical Tests to Derive Foot Orthotic Prescriptions
    5. Foot Posture/Alignment
      1. Foot Posture Index
    6. Gait Analysis
      1. Bojsen-Moller Axes Model
      2. Pressure Mapping
      3. Video Gait Analysis
        1. Coaches Eye
        2. Hudl
        3. Silicon Coach
        4. Kinovea
        5. Contemplas
        6. Dartfish
      4. Optogait
    7. Symmetry
    8. Subtalar Joint
      1. Subtalar joint axis
    9. Midtarsal Joint
      1. Gib Test
    10. Forefoot/Rearfoot Alignment
      1. Forefoot supinatus
    11. Ankle Joint Range of Motion
      1. Lunge Test
    12. First Ray
    13. First MPJ
    14. Windlass Function
    15. Reverse Windlass Mechanism
    16. Navicular Drift and Drop
    17. Maximum Eversion Test
    18. Supination Resistance
      1. Keystone
    19. Functional Assessment
      1. Functional Movement Tool
    20. Leg Length Differences
    21. Leg Stiffness
    22. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
      1. Proximal or distal
    23. Achilles tendinopathy
    24. Medial Knee Osteoarthritis
    25. Foot Orthotics and the Risk for Knee Osteoarthritis
    26. Theories and their practical use
      1. Root
      2. Tissue Stress
      3. Sagittal plane
      4. Arch Support Paradigm
      5. Bojsen-Møller's 'high gear/low gear'
      6. Column Theory
      7. CT Band Biomechanics
      8. Flow Motion Model
      9. Foot Core Model
      10. Foot Fault Syndromes
      11. Foot Function and Fascial Lines
      12. Functional Foot Typing
      13. Functional forefoot drop
      14. MASS Theory
      15. Preferred Movement Pathway
      16. Quadrant Theory
      17. Sensory Input Based Models
      18. Spring Theory
      19. STJ Axis Location/Rotational Equilibrium Theory of Foot Function
      20. Tripod Model of the Foot
      21. Wring Theory
      22. Biotensegrity
    27. The role of theory, evidence and distinguishing from pseudoscience
    28. The intrinsic muscles
    29. Foot Orthotic decision making and design
    30. Shank Independent vs Dependent Foot Orthotics
    31. Negative Model Production Methods
      1. Positioning the foot
        1. Neutral
        2. MASS
      2. Plaster
        1. STS Sock
      3. Pin Matrix Systems
        1. Amfit
      4. Foam Boxes
      5. Dilatency Based Methods
      6. Optical Scanning
      7. Photogrammetry
    32. Positive Model Methods
      1. Plaster
      2. Milled
      3. Design features
        1. Medial Wedging designs
          1. Kirby Medial Skive
          2. Blake Inverted
          3. DC Wedge
          4. MOSI
        2. The lateral column
        3. Plantar fascia groove
    33. Foot Orthotic Shell Types and Modifications
      1. Types
        1. Prefabricated
        2. Heat molded
        3. Milled
        4. 3d printed
      2. Design Features
        1. Posting
        2. First ray cut outs
    34. Foot Orthotic Top Covers and Additions
      1. Materials
      2. Metatarsl Dome
      3. Kinetic Wedge
      4. Cluffy Wedge
    35. Foot Orthotic types
      1. Prefabricated vs custom
      2. Library devices
    36. Prescription and design of foot orthotics
    37. Running
      1. Running Techniques
        1. Pose Running
        2. Chi Running
        3. Minimalist/Barefoot Running
      2. Running Shoes
        1. Minimalist running shoes
        2. Maximalist running shoes
        3. Unique Running Shoe Designs
        4. Running shoes and drop
        5. Rotating Running Shoes
        6. Motion control and running shoes
        7. Prescribing running shoes
        8. Running Shoes and muscle strength
      3. Social media debates
    38. Foot orthotics should be banned
      1. Foot orthotics and muscle strength
    39. Overuse injuries
    40. Long term or short term use of foot orthotics
    41. Alternatives to foot orthotics
    42. Anterior compartment syndrome
    43. Plantar fasciitis
      1. the load issues
      2. the natural history issues
      3. the sub-category issues
      4. the patient belief issues
    44. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and tendonitis
    45. Tendinopathy
    46. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
    47. Severs Disease
    48. Metatarsal stress fractures
    49. 'Top of Foot Pain'
    50. Gait retraining
    51. Foot strike pattern and injury
    52. Understanding lever arms
    53. Running and Osteoarthritis
    54. Barefoot Science
    55. Toning Shoes
    56. Critical thinking, skepticism and logical fallacies
    57. Conclusion
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Prelaunch discount before 1 November

    Attached Files:

  3. werg

    werg Member

    Hi Craig,

    I bought Bootcamp 2 on Portal education a while back(and have also attended a bootcamp).Is this a separate venture,or will I be able to access the new content there also?Cheers,

  4. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Ian - sent a PM with the discount code.

    The Portal one is very dated now. This new one covers a lot more in-depth content and is interactive.
  5. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Here is a video I just put together on it (sorry about the shirt)
  6. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    Dang Craig ... what a great resource. You might attract some more US viewers if you can have official CME credits for this activity. That's not an insignificant value since we all have to maintain yearly quotas. Just a thought :rolleyes:
  7. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    Would like to. Downloaded the paperwork, but it is expensive so still considering.
  8. Dieter Fellner

    Dieter Fellner Well-Known Member

    lol .... ya, that's America - but at least it's a tax deductible. Gotta speculate to accumulate.
  9. k.stewart

    k.stewart Member

    awesome! thanks Craig
  10. AtomAnt

    AtomAnt Active Member

    Highly recommended as value for money.

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