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Clipper sharpening

Discussion in 'Australia' started by jos, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. jos

    jos Active Member

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    Can anyone recommend where in Melb to get clippers sharpened?

    The last place (not in Melb) I used to send clippers to ruined 2 pairs, so I am not sending any more to them.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    PODKMM Active Member

    We use Prosharp...................
    We have used them for many years and haven't had any trouble. One pair the tip broke off on the last sharpen, but I put that down to "wear and tear" and the sharpening just finished it off.
  3. trevor

    trevor Active Member

    Prosharp is good been using them for several years. They look like new when they return.
    They also weld cracks and replace springs.
  4. jos

    jos Active Member

    Thanks for your responses but I am after someone in Melb, if I can find them!
    (I have used Prosharp before...........)
  5. alan shepherd

    alan shepherd Member

    Hi Jos ,perhaps we can help ,have been sharpening clippers for some time now. Probably about 30 years,if you wish let me know and and we may be able to pick them up,although this could be a problem as I leave OZ for Germany next Monday .
    Contact-Alan Shepherd, A.K.SURGICAL.
    03 94346681
  6. theaussie

    theaussie Active Member

    I was looking at prosharp this morning myself (Im in QLD). Does anyone have a rough idea as to what it costs per clipper to sharpen?
  7. prosharp

    prosharp Active Member

    Hi Guys my name is Gary Thompson
    I am the owner of Prosharp Sharpening Services in Taree.
    We have what we call a"Remanufacturing process"which involves bringing your nippers back to as close to new as possible(which sometimes is a challenge).I think some of you must have second jobs as mechanics on the weekends by the way the instruments come in.Remanufacturing involves realigning the jaws,loosening or tightening the hinges or box joints,buffing and sand blasting all of the stains and marks from the instruments.We can also weld cracked hinges which stop the hinges from working properly and affect the alignment of the jaws.New barrel springs and pairs of springs are also able to be replaced as well as broken screws as well as rear catches and rear catch springs.
    Scissors are sharpened by one of our 2 bladesmiths and we also do a lot of sharpening for both private and public hospitals and practices.
    We straighten bent burrs,misaligned forceps etc and also sharpen curettes and most other instruments.We have technicians who were trained in sharpening services overseas.Our contact details are
    Prosharp Sharpening Services
    8 Whitbread street
    Taree 2430
    e-mail prosharp@ozemail.com.au
    Web www.prosharp.com.au
    phone 02 65521115
    We are quite happy to discuss or help with any problems or questions you may have .
    We also do Orthodontic,Surgical,Medical,Dental and all kinds of general sharpening for both the professions and the general public.
    Our company has been in the sharpening industry for just on 40 years so we know a little bit about what we are doing.
    The prices depend on what needs to be done to the instruments so please contact us for more info.
  8. Vincent Bianco

    Vincent Bianco Welcome New Poster

    I am a Sharpening service in Brooklyn,NY and sharpen instruments for podiatry it is very technical process
    www. BiancoBrothers.com
  9. Vincent Bianco

    Vincent Bianco Welcome New Poster

    oh yea we have been in the sharpening and manufacturing biz for 47 years reach out to me if needed in the U.S.A.

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