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College of podiatry AGM vote - Deadline 5th JULY

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by jabr, Jul 4, 2022.

  1. jabr

    jabr Active Member

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    The RCP might be the most anti-democratic members organisation. On the issue of admitting FHPs to membership they said they would ask us with a consultation. They then went ahead presumably because the consultation showed members were in agreement... Thats how it works isn't it?? haha no of course not.

    An entirely reasonable resolution has been submitted for vote at the AGM:

    Its not to deny associate membership but merely to ensure that all members are properly balloted as there was no independent oversight or transparency with the consultation. But clearly the consultation was very negative because the council are panicking that we might have a proper say in the decision. They sent an email just about this:

    No its not about just that decision, its about them deciding to go against our wishes after hiding behind a bogus consultation. Why would we vote against us being allowed to have a say in OUR membership organisation?? In fact I'm appalled at this request! They even made a video. Nowhere do they mention that they want us to vote against ourselves just being allowed to have a vote, maybe they think we members won't actually read the resolution.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: If you are going to the AGM its easy just vote for our right to have a say. If you aren't attending you only have until tomorrow morning Tuesday at 9:50AM to get in your proxy vote.

    You should have received an email from Mi-Voice with details on how to vote remotely without attending. If you haven't received the email reply to this message to let us know because if a lot of people didn't get one it might be a deliberate ploy to avoid us having a vote...
  2. jabr

    jabr Active Member

    What a fascinating thing. Members voted that they do not want members to have a say. Stockholm syndrome? I can see this profession going into terminal decline. There are not enough qualified podiatrists to go around. No one stands up for standards and forces the government to offer free degree places with bursaries for example which compared to paying 9k a year for a degree plus expenses with no job at the end of it would surely attract people. No we're happy to accept less trained people doing podiatry because what? We didn't need all that training to know what to do? In the end we'll forget why doing feet needs a degree at all and we'll just do a week of hands on in Birmingham with one day titled "the safe use of scalpels and drills". Still it looks like they had a fun party at the AGM to stop them considering anything serious in the evening.

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