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Diabetic inserts

Discussion in 'Diabetic Foot & Wound Management' started by drewshort, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. drewshort

    drewshort Welcome New Poster

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    Does anyone know if a company that makes good quality medicare approved diabetic inserts. I supply hundreds of shoes and inserts a month and i am tired of pts getting nothing but two pieces of whatever happens to be the cheapest material glued together. Looking just for companies in the U.S.

    thank you steven short c.ped
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    No idea if they any good or not, but there are these on ebay that are only $3.95 a pair
  3. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Prefab or custom Steven?
  4. drewshort

    drewshort Welcome New Poster

    I need a good lab that can make custom inserts.
  5. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    Steven check out the customs offered by Apis Footwear. Tri-Lam EVA/PPT/Thermozote and fairly priced considering the quality. I have used numerous labs and few offer inserts of this quality for the TSB.

    I also use a small local (California) orthotist owned lab for complex cases but he is pricey for the TSB, more of a specialty item. He makes the best Toe Filler I have found and it is far less expensive than one of the very well known shoe/insert companies. If you want his number email me

  6. Grabing

    Grabing Guest

    [Check4SPAM] RE: URL Attempt


    Amfit Inc. offers a high quality line of A5513 custom inserts for Diabetics. Starting @ 3 pair for $60.00 including freight, we offer quick turnaround, monthly invoicing, and a volume program that allows for eloctronic data transfer, eliminating the need to ship foam impressions to our facility.
    Give us a call @ 800-356-3668 or visit us @ www.amfit.com for more details.

    Gordon Rabing, C.Ped
    Sales Manager
    Amfit Inc.
  7. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    2 labs in my network make them stateside, and my new Australian customer will also be making them. NewGen and Piedmont orthotics Lab, both approved. In fact, any Oretek system can make soft accomodative devices. Most don't want to and would rather stick to hard shell devices. I should clarify that unlike the $3.95 pair previously posted by someone else, these are based on actual castings of the patient's foot (scanned biofoam, plaster or actual feet), for all it matters. After a short time, the any foam will compress somewhat. The devices they make are typically met length with top covers, but can be extended to some extent based on design variables.
  8. David Wedemeyer

    David Wedemeyer Well-Known Member

    I still prefer foam semi-weightbearing for diabetics per Medicare's guidelines for the cast. The problem is finding labs that don't spare expense for customs, so many of the choices out there are garbage IMO. The APIS diabetic orthoses are excellent for the price.

    Joe your system is beginning to look very interesting. Will a prospective buyer ever be able to buy the system turnkey where there will not be a click charge and manufacture in-house? When will it be available sub $5K?
  9. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    No, not really. I don't see how I could eat otherwise. Turnkey systems are basically 0% profit items, linking my success to that of my customers. What prices are on my system, there's only one item that has a modest profit, which is RadScan, of approximately $350.00 per sale. Royalties cover contract lifetime repairs, a continuing supply of updates, typically 100 to 200 minor updates a year, and make it possible for me to develop new products for my customers to produce. Every system out there has some form of click charge, and it's one thing that is crucial to future development. My royalty fees compare nothing to how much money I've saved my customers, and 1 new feature I'll have shortly will also likely shave 10% off of material cost in manufacturing. I may give up on lowering my turnkey systems prices, as already, a complete system capable of producing orthoses is already below $17K, and I've met one goal, to break the $1K barrier on a high quality scanner.

    As for the $5K unit, the first prototype 4 axis unit has set idle for well over a year, simply because of Techno's pricing is low, and because it's already mostly assembled. Even if I made the tables in house, I would have a difficult time competing with Techno's tabletop pricing. Other items I've shaved costs down, include the jig, made in house. What used to cost between $1100 to $1300.00, now costs $200.00, which further links me to my customer in terms of support. I may well give up on breaking the price barrier further, simply because in 2 days from receipt of materials, I have a CNC ready to use, and Time is money. Additionally, and as you'll see from my videos, Fluidity of motion is now perfected, and that by itself makes this machine a viable product that rivals the larger machines in terms of quality.

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