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Diagnostic Ultrasound regulations and accreditation

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Mart, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Mart

    Mart Well-Known Member

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    I am formulating a proposal for our legislative College pertaining to educational requirements and recommendations for accreditation of core competancies in diagnsotic ultrasound of the foot and ankle.

    I'd be grateful to hear from members around the globe regarding exisiting similar documents/legislation or items in process. Also I would be interested in sharing knowledge and views on this subject. I have a draft proposal which I'd be glad to share for a critical review (I will email this on request it is fairly in depth on issues on safety and pre exisitng educational frameworks from sub specialities in the medical profession). Also I am curious to learn of any undergraduate or post graduate education presently being taught in podiatry schools.



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    R3J 0E6
    phone [204] 837 FOOT (3668)
    fax [204] 774 9918
  2. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    To the best of my knowledge there is no special training requirement or restrictions upon the use of diagnsotic ultrasound of the foot and ankle. It certainly helps to know how to use the machinery and undergrads will have demonstrations and supervised practice before working with clients.

    At one time in New Zealand there was a legal embargo which prevented pods from using ultrasound as a physical therapy. Ohterwise diagnostic ultrasound was fine. Now my information may be out of date so I welcome being corrected here.

  3. podrick

    podrick Active Member


    Diagnostic ultrasound has become popular in the U.S. and as you already know is quite useful.However,there is no formal coursework available.I self taught myself(via texts and consulting radiologists) and took some courses offered by the manufactrurer of my particular unit.
    I think a standardized course in order to certify practitioners is an excellent idea.I only wish we had such a course in the states.

    If you ever get it on DVD let me know.I'll buy it.

    Rick Reyes,d.p.m.
  4. Mart

    Mart Well-Known Member

    Hi Rick, thanks for reply will let you know if things develop into something worthwhile


  5. pscotne

    pscotne Active Member

    Hi Mart

    Some aspects of diagnostic ultrasound are taught in at least one of the undergraduate podiatry degrees in Australia but I do not think that this is enough.

    As a member of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine I have been fortunate in viewing the excellent courses in diagnostic ultrasonography offered by the AIUM that can be studied anywhere in the world. Courses include Doppler-shift blood flow detection, musculo-skeletal and other ultrasonic imaging.

    It would be great if formal and comprehensive courses in medical ultrasonography be established in the podiatry undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

    I would be keen to receive a copy of your draft proposal re diagnostic ultrasound regulations and accreditation.

    Peter Scottney-Turbill BA MLitt Adv Cert Chir PGrad Dip Clin Nutr MAIUM
    PhD candidate - Central Queensland University, Australia.
  6. nigelroberts

    nigelroberts Active Member

    Dear Martin

    I work in a Community based Musculoskeletal Medicine service. The doctor on our team had great difficulty finding accreditiation in using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool. It would appear there is very little training/accreditation available, outside of formal Radiology/Radiography. Would be very happy to run your proposal past our local Radiologists if you could send me a copy.
    Please use:


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