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Domicilliary stool

Discussion in 'Practice Management' started by esky365, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. esky365

    esky365 Active Member

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    I just managed to break my dom stool. It was ideal, it folded flat and was less than 12 inches high. I cannot find a similar one. I was wondering what others were using.
  2. Stirling

    Stirling Active Member

    I have just started doing home visits and was struggling to find a stool. I bought myself this tool box and love it. The lift out compartment is handy for all of my assessment instruments and small items (blades, cotton tips, pov id etc). The large undercarriage holds everything else. I call it my little Tardis, it is amazing what fits.

    Bunnings $26AU


    Attached Files:

  3. philmyfeet

    philmyfeet Member

    I have also been struggling to find a new stool. I bought one of the new beige plastic ones from Mobilis (it comes as two sections which you slot together to form an x-shape) which was utter rubbish. It had around two hours use before I sent it back for a refund. It twisted under the weight which made it unstable and the seat uncomfortable.

    I have just bought a low folding fishing stool from Amazon because it was cheap, folds really small so its easy to transport in the same bag as my foot rest and is comfortable to sit on for a long time.

    I hope you find something suitable. Let us know what you end up getting.
  4. Ros the Pod

    Ros the Pod Active Member

    Why don't you try a fishing stool - easily available and cheap to buy. I myself bought a child's chair (from a market of all places) it folds neatly in a little shoulder holdall and is really sturdy and strong and with a back which is really comfortable. Not bad for a fiver!!
  5. esky365

    esky365 Active Member

    A fishing stool is just what I am after, but they are all either canvass or too high.
    I think I have found a plastic step that will suit me fine. It needs a cushion fitting to it.

    I did find just the stool I wanted from:

    But they are not sold locally, so I am unable to look at one. The company are not terribly helpful either.

    I will post a pic when I get it sorted [if?] as I have a cunning plan to integrate the stool with a nail drill.
  6. Paul_UK

    Paul_UK Active Member

    I am using a camping stool. Its a folding tripod that folds completely and has a strap to carry it as well. I got mine from Millets if I remember correctly and its an eurohike stool, cost me about £7 as well.

    edit: This is the stool I have

  7. kc

    kc Member

    I have had quite a few different stools over the years...the plastic fishing/tradesman boxes are easy to clean and carry but you need to be a light weight to make them last and they are not comfortable to sit on if you have don't have a naturally well padded rear end.
    I now have the best one ever- bought for $20.00 at the Reject shop! It is meant to be a footstool on wheels- basically a square box with a padded removable lid. Holds plenty of things and i have added a long luggage handle (screwed into 2 sides of the box ) so i can pull it along . I also carry a small fishing tackle box which holds a few disposables so that i am not sitting on all the things i need while with the patient. Good luck searching for the right thing for you!

    PODKMM Active Member

    I have done home visits for many years and have always sat on normal height chair at the patients house or on my case ( which is similar to the picture posted). Originally when I read your post, I assumed you were looking for a foot stool for the patient?????????
  9. Solesister66

    Solesister66 Member

    I also bought a Mobilis plastic stool, it's ok for a short while, but after a bit your rear end goes completely numb. Mine seems solid enough, but I agree it is just too darn uncomfortable to use.

    I also think the fishing stool is by far the best option, there's a really good fishing shop near where I live, and they have a variety of stools for sale. So I just try them out in the shop before I buy one, and just pick one that's the right height for me.

    All the best
  10. Kyrret

    Kyrret Active Member

    I have been using stools bought from wilkinsons at £1.99 each but they seem more flimsy and prone to cracking now (maybe I am getting heavier :-( ) I am currently using a fold up stool from Poundsstretcher that is cheap and sturdy. I find it helps to sit low, for those patients who cannot lift their legs very well. I always have a silent cheer for those who have recliner chairs with foot rests.

  11. Solesister66

    Solesister66 Member

    I've just spotted this website:


    They specialise in high quality three legged fold away stools, suitable for the work place, the walkstools comfort range comes in a variety of heights:
    18" (45cm)
    22" (55cm)​

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