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Dyslexia and succeeding in Podiatry course

Discussion in 'Teaching and Learning' started by music123, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. music123

    music123 Member

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    Hi all,

    I was a Podiatry student from Sept 2010 to Dec 2011. Things weren't going well on placement I was only getting 25% at my half way report and left the course. However I really miss Podiatry and the variety it provides. I am currently going into
    2nd year of Medicinal Chemistry. Its boring me loads I just want to play with the cork holder for round bottomed flasks than participate in labs. I took a dyslexic test in February 2013 and found out I have slight dyslexia overall and severely affected in my processing of words. I really want to return to Podiatry but my experiences there are holding me back from committing to this decision. I keep changing my mind to finish Chemistry first then go back or start Podiatry in 2014 doing Chemistry distance learning which my university offers. I am a finisher- don't like leaving things undone. Is there any Podiatry resources for dyslexic students to learn the procedures?
    Any students with dyslexia currently studying or even practicing as a qualified Podiatrist any tips?

    Many thanks.
  2. I've seen many students with dyslexia of many degrees do very well in podiatry. In the clinical / placement area it should have relatively little impact.

    I wonder if the problem was elsewhere. There are many reasons people struggle on placement, dyslexia is by no means top of the list. My advice would be to speak to the people you did your placement with, and your tutors, and ask them candidly what THEY thought the problem was.

    And believe their answers.
  3. N.Knight

    N.Knight Active Member


    I am a Podiatrist and who has dyslexia and I am currently doing my MSc.

    My advice would be speak to your Uni learning support team, I got plenty of help and software to help with my dyslexia, I don't know what type of dyslexia you have mine is I have trouble reading back work correctly, homophones etc. I use programes like dragon and text help to help me.

    I was given 1:1 learning support to help me to help me with assignments and inform the tutors, my tutors at uni were very helpful.

    So what I am trying to say there is help out there and do not let dyslexia stop you from achieving your goals, just remember Albert Einstein was dyslexic.

  4. Kbonar10

    Kbonar10 Welcome New Poster


    I am a Podiatrist who qualified in 2010. I am Dyslexic and found my first year at University very tough. There is a lot of help that Universitys are able to give you, like one of the other posts stated, computer systems such as Dragon can be very helpful.

    My Difficulty is processing information and memory. I am unable to listen to something and write it down as I only manage to remember a few words. I can hold a conversation no problem, but cant repeat exactly what someone says. I therefore found I could not keep up with lectures - the universities solution was to give me a dictophone so that I could listen to my lectures in the comfort of my home and pause and rewind and take notes.

    I also struggled to remember instructions, so in clinics, if I was asked to collect things or complete a procedure with set instructions, I had to write them down or ask for only a few instructions at a time.

    I made sure all my lecturers knew what I had difficulty with and therefore they were able to support me.

    I graduated with a second class Honours Degree, and have found that now I am working, my Dyslexia has very little impact. I cant take the minutes and my team meetings, but I just class that as a bonus!

    Don't give up. Podiatry is a great profession. Ask for help and take on all challenges head first! As the other post stated, ask lecturers why they think you struggle, maybe they can come up with solutions you hadn't thought of.

    Keep positive!
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