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Espanol or Spain forum?

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by admin, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Javier has suggested this to me before and it came up here. I can easily add another sub-forum (probably under specific country issues) either specifically for Spain or for those that speak spanish -- but which one? Espanol or Spain?

    We do have a lot of members from Spain, but also some from South American countries.

    Also, please excuse my ignorance of the language.
  2. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Hello Craig,

    It should be Español (although you have to write Espanol because of the lack of the letter ñ on your keyboard) or Spanish for a forum for Spanish-speaking podiatrists.

    Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, currently we are 400 millions spanish-speakers around the globe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_language

    Thanks for consider to start a new forum in Spanish or Español.

  3. Jonatan García

    Jonatan García Active Member

    It's a good idea!!!
  4. Kenva

    Kenva Active Member

    Dutch forum?

    Just wondering now if a Dutch forum for people from the Netherlands and Belgium wouldn't be in order? If you see the amount of visits from those 2 countries...? Just don't know if there would be enough interest and activity going on there. What say you?

  5. Having done two lecture series in Spain now and having been very very impressed with the knowledge levels and eagerness of Spanish podiatrists i think this is an excellent idea. One of the things holding these guys back is our lack of ability to speak Spanish. Sorry, I'm trying to learn.
  6. claire a

    claire a Welcome New Poster

    im learning spanish too. just started, still a bit crap. but willing to learn non the less. dont supose anyone has any info on working as a podiatrist in spain if your english. would love to go there for a while its a great place :D any info would be good cheers
  7. Jonatan García

    Jonatan García Active Member

  8. claire a

    claire a Welcome New Poster

    :D thanks a lot jonatan. much appreciated.
  9. mario

    mario Welcome New Poster

    Whatever happened to the Spain and South America sub forum
  10. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Its coming ... its on the "to do list" along with a few 1000 other things
  11. Ivan

    Ivan Member

    It`s a great idea!!
  12. Miles Cowan

    Miles Cowan Welcome New Poster

    Hola- i am learning spanish at the moment and have recently returned from spain (marbella) having lived there for two years. I am actually an osteopath but will be studying podiatry (part time) starting september 2007.

    I was interested to know if there are any spanish podiatry websites that advertise jobs.

    I know from experience that working as a self employed english therapist (in what ever capacity- osteo, chiro, physio etc) on the costa del sol is not easy.

    Here are the inherent difficulties which i would imagine are slightly different in the different areas of Spain. It may of course be different for podiatrists but i knew a few there that had similiar problems :

    1) It is very difficult to get a job as an assistant working in an established practice unlike in the UK
    2)You may well find an established clinic/ premises to work from
    but dont expect to be given an established list of patients to take over
    3) This brings me to this point- if you want to set up your own clinic there is loads of potential but expect to take at least 3 years of spending **** loads of money on advertiseing and all the rest of it and finding that generally things blow hot and cold and your scint in a year unless you come over with loads of savings. Also it is very difficult to pay the social security every month- so being legal is another problem
    4) The city's are probably the best place to set up practice: Costa del sol is to layed back and everyone is unreliable because they go out partying all night and constantly dont turn up for appointments
    5)If you go to the cities you need to speak fluent spanish and if you work in medicine then learning anatomy, pathology etc in spanish would also be a good idea.
    6)Get a TEFL qualification it comes in very handy when you need work on the side to keep you going as you build up your business
    7)Dont become a victim of 'the costa del trap' and end up loosing the plot and having to return to 'blighty' to start over again...it happens to thousands every year from all walks of life...and believe me its a real bitch because yes the grass is greener on the other side...Hasta leugo, i shall be returning soon
  13. manolomalaga

    manolomalaga Active Member

    I am Spanish too from Spain Málaga, Marbella is near from Málaga, I have a problem, my english is very bad, but I must to learn fast, because a lot of good books are in english.
    Is there anybody speak spanish?. Thanks everybody, y
    "un saludo desde Málaga", first promotion podiatry from Málaga,Spain(Europe). :)
  14. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


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