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First Annual Curryer Award

Discussion in 'Podiatry Arena Help, Suggestions and Comments' started by admin, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Just over a year ago we lost a good friend of many people and of Podiatry Arena. The character that was Graham Curryer left an impression on all those here and who knew him (see: The Passing of Graham Curryer). His postings here had a certain wit and wisdom to them that so many looked forward to reading what he had to say.

    To honor his memory we going to annually give out the 'Curryer Award'

    The award will be given to the poster on Podiatry Arena who best personifies the characteristics that Graham displayed here in his postings.

    To get that ball rolling, I call for nominations from member for this award. Who do you think best personifies Grahams characteristics?

    The decision as to who gets the award will be made from the nominations by two people that knew Graham well: Melanie & Peter

    Please post your nominations.
  2. For wit and generally not putting up with bullsh!t from the same posters Graham had a strong dislike for I nominate - Mark Russell.

    Maybe a little light in posting over the last 12 months but has done the hard yards.
  3. same reasons as above - David Wedemeyer
  4. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Mark R gets my vote also.
  5. What were those characteristics? I had a look back through his posts and came up with the following

    Well, he certainly had a wonderfully sharp and vitriolic wit.

    He was very good at spotting flaws in dubious arguments, often flaws which others had missed.

    He was always willing to disagree with anybody if he felt they were wrong.

    He participated with gusto in the nitty gritty theoretical threads as well as the "poke the loony" threads.

    For me there are several of our peers who have exemplified these characteristics in the last year. But for ticking all of those boxes I would have to nominate Mike Weber.

    There are several other good candidates, David Wedemeyer and Robin P sprang at once to mind. However If we're only allowed one then I'd come down on mike by virtue of the fact that he will argue with ANYONE. A trait I remember very fondly in Graham.

    This was a great Idea Craig.
  6. No I will not :D;)

    Thanks for the nomination though
  7. Arrgh! divide by zero error!
  8. Thank you for the kind words. Graham was one of my "watch list" posters alongside a few others on Podiatry Arena whose posts make invaluable reading, not only for their clarity and incisiveness but their use of the written word with humour and wit and wisdom underpinning their thoughts. For me, the sense of community and shared knowledge is what makes these pages so engrossing. Graham's writing - and others - make it what it is. Whom to nominate? Simon, Kevin, Robeer, Mike, markjoconnolly, Felicity, Cameron, Eric Fuller, Craig, DavidH, Blinda, Twirls & George Brandy are up there with the best - but Simon necessitates the most frequent excursions to the wee boy's room!
  9. Graham and I had an interesting relationship here; we disagreed frequently. Personally, I felt his earlier writing was often overly dominated by a blinkered view of podiatric biomechanics, giving far too much store to sagittal plane facilitation theory and often found wanting for scientific evidence for the contentions he made. I know that I should not speak ill of the dead and have contemplated whether or not to write in this thread at all. But this is my honest opinion. I'm sure if he were here, he'd give an honest appraisal of me (please do, when my time arrives). Yet, it was in his later writings that I became closer aligned to his opinions and indeed, was deeply saddened and moreover disappointed by the man's untimely death, as he was, in my opinion, shining in his writing at the time and about to bloom.

    Much missed. Today is another day without him.

    "What's at stake?"

    Oh and my vote? Robin
  10. If Graham were able to read this now I'm sure he would give a head's up. Reinforces my last post.

    All the best
  11. I think it will be very difficult to find someone to live up to Graham because he was such a unique individual. Never was there a man who could give me such headaches and frustration, but who I still respected after he gave me all those headaches and frustration.

    Graham was intelligent, knowledgeable, clinically experienced, witty, brutally honest and always had the patient's needs first in mind, not his own wallet. In addition, after some of our encounters on the Podiatry Mailbase and Podiatry Arena, I became so exasperated that I swore that, at the time, I would have loved to wring his neck. However, on the few occasions we were either attending or lecturing at seminars together, we loved to talk about biomechanics and life in general. Graham had no fear of disagreeing with anyone....and I greatly respected him for that.

    I really don't think that anyone currently on Podiatry Arena gives me headaches like Graham did and, of those that come close to giving me Curryer-size headaches, I don't have any respect for their intellect and ethics (think initials EG and DS). Therefore, I will vote for no one and instead remember the man, Graham Curryer, as an individual whose mold was certainly broken on the day that he was born.

    May you rest in peace, Graham.:drinks
  12. Phil Wells

    Phil Wells Active Member

    Great Idea.

    I am going to vote Robert - I think he gets it right most times and keeps it 'Real' (God I am so 'street')

  13. Yo housey. Respec' to to bad self. Big up etc.

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