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Foot Orgasm Syndrome

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by NewsBot, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Foot Orgasm Syndrome: A Case Report in a Woman.
    Waldinger MD, de Lint GJ, van Gils AP, Masir F, Lakke E, van Coevorden RS, Schweitzer DH
    J Sex Med. 2013 Jun 19;
  2. This one has just gone to the top of my list in my all time favourite podiatric articles. :D
  3. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

  4. That was my previous numero uno, but I think this latest one surpasses it. Here we have a patient that has an orgasm when you touch her foot, in the other paper you had a policemen that has a pain in his foot when he has an orgasm.

    I'm intrigued by the statement: "A woman presented with complaints of undesired orgasmic sensations originating in her left foot." No pleasing some people.

    I guess this is close:

    Where you watching the Lions beating the Wallabies tomorrow?
  5. wdd

    wdd Well-Known Member

    If podiatrists could just work out how, using TENS and LA, they could activate this response they'd have everyone cuming to them.

  6. Leah Claydon

    Leah Claydon Active Member

    I wonder if this article will get the most views this week.
  7. Interesting. I currently have a patient who has the same complaint. First experienced during holiday in Vietnam when she decided to have a "foot massage" at a street market near where she was staying. She describes a vigorous deep massage just behind the lesser met heads when suddenly and quite spontaneously she experienced an intense orgasm - much to her great embarrassment as she was in full public view! She has been unable to replicate the exercise herself but is quite specific which area is sensitive to stimulation and doesn't doubt it can be repeated. The answer to the question that is forming in your mind at this point is definitely "no" - even though I am not presently registered, I doubt the ethics of providing pleasurable services to our "clients" are not ones endorsed by the regulator!

    From a personal perspective spontaneous orgasm from non sexual stimulation is not all that uncommon. As a lanky eight-year-old (an by far the tallest boy in Primary School) I recall an interesting series of incidents which took place in the cloakroom of our Victorian school building. Like chimpanzees, we used to swing from the free standing wooden coat rails, hook our legs over the wooden spars and hang upside down - and generally do everything we weren't supposed to - usually when the weather was so bad that we could get out to the playground. One particularly dreich morning we were playing "tig" and whilst trying to keep out of the way, I thought I'd climb up the 'end-pole' to one of the rows of coat rails. Being tall, I was able to jump up and grasp hold of the top of the wooden pole with both hands then pulled my legs up as high as I could get them - out of reach to the lad below - when suddenly I had this intense dizzy spell and fell off - almost unconscious to the floor below. Of course, the exercise had to be repeated - it was certainly like nothing I had ever experienced before - and it happened again. And again. And again.

    Before long, every end pole in both boys and girls cloakrooms was in use with prepubescent boys and girls holding on in innocent ecstasy as these strange sensations coursed through our heads and bodies. Within a week it had become a phenomenon - the cloakrooms were busy even outside break times as "toilet-breaks" surged in popularity with most of the older pupils. Eventually - and probably for the best - the new 'game' was discovered by the headmaster one sunny lunchtime when he noticed the playground was relatively empty and on further investigation, found most of the four senior classes queueing up for their 'turn' in the cloakroom. Goodness knows what went through his mind when he realised what was happening!

    That afternoon, the janitor applied a generous coating of grease to the top of each end-pole - and that was that. Later that year, the climbing ropes were removed from the school games hall - just as a precaution! It was many years later that the penny finally dropped and I realised what these sensations we had accidentally discovered, actually were!

    Not sure if they can be repeated at an advanced age, not because of any dysfunction, but the arms wont support the weight anymore!
  8. wdd

    wdd Well-Known Member

    I would classify that as a dysfunction. You can't get it up. Its as simple as that. The fact that it's your body you can't get up and not your 'body' only indicates a different dysfunction.

    best wishes,

  9. No - I don't recall it as a contact sport, indeed several small lads who were either impatient or frightened of heights, used to perform the same feat whilst hanging from the cross-spars and bringing their knees up to their chins - in glorious isolation from the pole. One loathsome boy - now a Member of the Scottish Parliament - carried on for most of his school life in a variety of locations - on top of the swings at public parks and hanging from the ceiling grab rails on the school bus, much to everyone's disgust. And yes it's a bloody dysfunction. Just one of many these days!
  10. wdd

    wdd Well-Known Member

    Sorry Mark. I thought it was climbing the pole that was stimulating and the part that was being stimulated was not a foot or at least not at the start of the climb.

  11. Paul Baalham

    Paul Baalham Member

    I had a middle aged lady patient who claimed that she had an orgasm every time she sneezed.
    When I enquired if she took anything for it she said ‘Yes, snuff.’
  12. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    I discovered this same sensation swinging on a rope over the Namoi River! I am timid by nature but by god no-one could get me off that rope ...
    ahh memories but i've moved on in the last 12 months ....
  13. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    In all my years of studying sexology it certainly seems Locke was the first to identify the Copulating Foot. For those unfamiliar he wrote a short case history concerning a policemen who complained of a painful foot. He was originally diagnosed with plantar digital neuroma (or Morton's Neuroma) with all the classic symptoms. He had one previous surgical experience but the same symptoms reoccurred two years later. On his second visit to the surgery he told his physician he experienced pain travelling up his leg, sometimes as high as his thigh, and the pain frequently occurred in his foot during orgasm in coitus. These symptoms are not usually associated with Morton's Neuron and he was hospitalized. The neuron was successfully removed and he was discharged never to darken the step of the podiatrist again. (one assumes). Locke was so fascinated with this interesting case he went on to research the possible connection between neuroma and pain during intercourse. He came across (and I use the words advisedly) the works of Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response and of course, as you are aware, they described the phenomena when orgasm is imminent, the voluntary rhythmical contraction of the thigh muscles and glutei turn into involuntary spasm that remain throughout orgasm. The authors further hypothesised that hands and feet too could also go into spasm at this time. This would result, with some people, in an involuntary extension of the arch of the foot with clawing of the toes. The practitoner was convinced the symptoms described were directly related. I had a colleague in Edinburgh who after reading the report and being naturally sceptical wanted to research the topic, himself. Eagerly he took the earliest opportunity to do so, however just at the critical time (as he waited for his toes curl) he took a most excruciating cramp. Or so his co-researcher told me. Like the depths of dark Loch Ness, the orgasmic foot retains its erotic secrets and reveals itself only to the few.

    Human feet do exhibit unique features which separate us from all other beings. The weight bearing heel, inside arch, and big toe appear to have allowed upright stance as no other species has done. Freud, considered the frontal display of both primary and secondary sex organs in humans directly related to bipedalism and argued humans had no need to develop other senses when the greatest benefit was gained by perfecting sight. Bi-pedal gait forged distinguished buttocks (another human trait), bosoms; legs, thighs, tummies, hips and the frontal display of genitalia. We remain the only species on the planet who can copulate standing vertical and facing each other. As we know feet are extremely well supplied by nerve pathways which transmit messages to multiple and diverse areas of the brain, including the sensory parietal lobe. By an anatomical coincidence the sensory centre for feet lies adjacent to the sensory nerves of the genitalia. This may explain, why for some people, neural print-through causes their feet to become sexually expressive.

    Never a dull moment in podiatry

    What say you?

  14. wdd

    wdd Well-Known Member

  15. NewsBot

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  16. NewsBot

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    "Did You Climax or Are You Just Laughing at Me?" Rare Phenomena Associated With Orgasm.
    Reinert AE, Simon JA.
    Sex Med Rev. 2017 Apr 25. pii: S2050-0521(17)30034-3. doi: 10.1016/j.sxmr.2017.03.004.

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