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French Student need help for thesis !

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lucie.EFOM75, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. lucie.EFOM75

    lucie.EFOM75 Welcome New Poster

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    Hello everybody, I'm introducing myself, I'm Lucie, a French student in podiatry in Paris in France. And sorry for my english wich is not perfect.
    I'm in third year of studies and in the last actually
    At the end of our studies, we have to redact a memory, it's like a thesis
    Maybe you have this too in your formation
    We are 2 to do this and we have to choose a subject among a lot, who they all have in common Podiatry

    We would do our memory about the different way to be podiatrist around the world, our differencies in working, studing, how the profession is seeing by the other medicals professions (In France for exemple, Podiatrist in less important than a physiotherapist and a lot of people doesn't know what kind of things we're able to do)
    We want to know your point of view about the health care insurance fund, that it maybe very different according to the country and a lot of other things...

    For answer to all our questions, we're going to make a questionary at your service, to help us in our study
    So I'll be glad if some of you can give me their email adress if you're interest

    I'll just ask you to give me some informations (no name for sure), for exemple your location, when did you became a podiatrist, where did you study, how long do you work

    We need almost 30 people if we want the study is being significative and pertinent
    So thank you for you participation and if you know people how their may be interested by this study I'll be happy to give them a questionary too !!

    Bye Bye
  2. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Welcome Lucie

    That sounds like an exciting project!

    Perhaps you could add your email here and the questionnaire too?

    It may help to add a little more detail about yourself here.

    Good luck with the survey, would be great if you could share the results.


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