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New french podiatrist wants to share knowledge with english podiatrists

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gregori, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. gregori

    gregori Member

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    I am a french podiatrist recently graduated and I am interested in exchanging podiatry knowledge with English podiatrists. I would be more than happy to explain and give information about french techniques, studies or orther information requested and more than happy to heard back about your techniques, management plans and studies. My comfort zone is orthotics confection and biomechanics but I still can deliver valuable information about other areas too. I am just looking to learn english podiatry treatments and pathological terms to widen my possibilities to speak in a professional manner while learning foreign techniques :).
    We can further discuss on skype afterward. I am currently in France and can access different french organisations to get information requested for english podiatrists who wish to practice in France too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you british and australian guys and girls.

  2. nicop

    nicop Welcome New Poster

    salut Gregori
    Je suis podologue en région parisienne et depuis plusieurs années sur podiatry arena. Je me suis intéressé et j'ai beaucoup appris notamment grâce à ce site concernant les concepts de traitements dans les pays anglo saxons . Nous pouvons échanger et partager nos expériences si tu veux. Ce serait avec grand plaisir.
  3. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Bonjour Gregori

    I’m hoping to move to the Languedoc but I was under the impression that British Pods cannot work there? What is the information that you are offering?

    (Clearly language is the first barrier but other than that I thought our qualifications (certainly my POMS and use of local anaesthetic) are not considered to be valid ?)

    With kind regards

    Linda Russell
  4. gregori

    gregori Member

    Hello Linda and nice to meet you,

    Nice french outset :),

    What I can say is that I have never heard about the possibility for english podiatrists to work in some states and not in some others. I guess that once you will be issued your degree equivalence you will be able to work anywhere in France, now the problem is how to get your graduation recognized here. I guess, any equivalence is difficult to get (Am currently trying to get mine for Australia so I can tell).
    What I can do for you is to send emails to the podiatry board of France and translate any question you wanna ask them regarding your doubts and process to be registered in France as a podiatrist and then translate them back to english. That will clarify the communication and you will be sure to know what to do.Just let me know what you want to know and I will take care about the communication with them.

    Regarding your second question, we do not use local anesthetic here so even if your graduation will be recognized, you won't be permitted to deliver local anesthesia and nail surgery (I know that sucks... welcome to France ;)).
    I am not familiar with that acronym "POMS" so I am sorry but I cannot answer this unless you clarify that :(.

    Warm regards.

  5. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Salut Gregory

    Pardonez moi ! Ma francais a tres horrible! J’ai parlez Francais seulement en petit peu!

    POMS = prescribing of Medicine (I can offer antibiotics here also but I realise that France is protectionistic!)

    My grandmother was French and we lost our heritage when she died shortly after giving birth to my mother and it is with great regret that I do not speak French well - but I intend to learn!

    Any help that you can offer I would be very grateful for - and should you to intend to visit my clinic here in England you would be made very welcome. It is near London (the county of Kent) (web site: Lindarussell.co.uk).

    Where are you based in France?

    Au revoir
  6. gregori

    gregori Member

    Haha, very cute french, I love it !

    You don't have to be sorry, I am the one who must speak english as we are in an english forum ;).
    Indeed you are right, we are protectionistic in France and don't let anyone prescribe as wishes. Might be due to the general mechanism in France, general practitioners are the "leader" for prescription here and redirect patients to other health professions to be reimbursed. Problem is, the social security (the public organism which pays health cost for everyone) is in deficit, so they must find ways to contain prescription and reduce expenditure, that is why other health practitioners only have limited ability to prescribe medicines and you might be one day part of them :).

    That was a sad story but you seem to be well motivated to claim back that heritage :). I am not a teacher or do not have any specific relation with education, but I can help you with french too as long as you don't need an academic french.

    Thank you so much ! That is adorable to let me visit your clinic in London and I would be very happy to see it and learn from the practitioners there, just need to find some time for it. That is actually extremely well appreciated as I have to take a practical assessment for my Australian degree recognition and I am in this forum to find information about english podiatry practice ! So thank you, you made me a lucky man today :D.

    I am currently in Cannes (south east of France) and will soon open my first podiatry private practice there. You are also very welcome to visit it once opened.
  7. boumedjane

    boumedjane Member

  8. boumedjane

    boumedjane Member

    Hi everyone and happy new year!

    Im a french podiatrist both graduate in France en UK, im actually based in london. If as a UK podiatrist you want to work abroad, there is no problem! you just have to comply with the regulations and guidelines of the country. Then you can go to work in France, Spain,... anywhere apart USA.

    For a French graduate, if you want to work in UK or in any other country (apart USA) you have to do all the modules such as local anaesthetic, nail surgery, POMs, and you have to pass the IELTS or the cambridge certificate.

    Unfortunately, as I can compare the studies, I must say that in France we are in late. Especially regarding the fondamental theory.


  9. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Dear Gregori

    Thank you for your kind and exuberant response! I TOO feel lucky to have made contact with you as we can both mutually benefit from this entente cordiale!

    I do not need a teacher per se (well not yet anyway) but certainly your knowledge of how Podiatry works in private practice in France could well prove invaluable! Im sure we can both make some time to visit each other's clinics but I intend visiting Beziers at some point during Easter (I have never been to Cannes) perhaps we can arrange something later.

    How exciting for you opening your first private clinic! You will certainly be busy with that for a while, so why dont we exchange emails and converse less publicly?

    Please send me a private message where we can arrange some possible suitable dates?

  10. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Dear Mougnir

    Thank you for your reply and info re working in France. It would certainly be good to meet up if you would like? I am outside London in Swanley Kent

    Please see my website www.lindarussell.co.uk

    With kind regards

  11. gregori

    gregori Member

    Hello Mougnir,

    That is very kind of you to share your experience and what is to be expected for french and UK podiatrists who are willing to go abroad. I, myself, am in this situation and you have provided valuable information here. I guess that trying to have an australian equivalence is roughly the same that what you have explained. Is that okay if I contact you personally for more information about that as I am really curious about what I will have to go through to maybe, one day, be part of the australian podiatrists workforce ?

    That would be very much appreciated.

    Warm regards.

  12. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Gregori..... Im SO sorry but selling my house in England as proved tres difficile! (That sounds SO much better in French!). Buyers need to sign the Compromise de Vente (in England Exchange Contracts). I am hoping you visit us here in England (you still can!!!) but soon!!! When Im living in France - part-time - fortnightly in England) I would LOVE to see Clinic in Cannes!
    My web site is lindarussell.co.uk.
    A bientot
    Linda Russell
  13. Mark Hawkes

    Mark Hawkes Member

    Interesting info...thanks for sharing with us
  14. HanMc

    HanMc Welcome New Poster

    Hello Linda,

    I am wondering how you have progressed one year on from your post? I am a UK based podiatrist hoping to move to France in the next couple of years. To be honest the main barrier to me moving is the fact that I enjoy practising podiatry and don't want to give it up to move ( I am not fluent in french).

    An update on how you have been getting on would be great!

    Kind regards

  15. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Dear Christine
    I have moved my home to the South of France (Languedoc - nr Beziers) but I continue to work in England (Swanley) in my own clinic. I travel fortnightly (when I can) to France and am also putting feelers out re. working there especially since I have an bi-lingual Irish GP ! As yet I have not set up a clinic but am in the process of doing so - but I may only get work from ex-pats?

    I fear that you and I will suffer as regards working within the French system (as the French are able to claim 60% back on any treatments and more if they have mutuelle insurance top-up) and, as we do not have French as our first language, then we will struggle..... but there are ALOT of Brits and English speaking retirees there that will need their feet treated. There are new taxation systems in place (in fact every year they appear to change!) and, whilst there is a new regime of "micro entrepreneurs" do not believe anything medical fits into this regime so I will have to look into how I might work there. I recently spoke to a knowledgeable French/English Accountant who said I would NOT fit many usual boxes as I would continue to work in England AND France! Perhaps I might have to wait until I have totally stopped working in England before I can realistically work part-time in France as there are complex double-taxation rules etc that might mean I pay far more tax than I need to.......So this all needs careful planning.

    I wish I could give you a clear picture of where I am now! I look forward to hearing from other Pods who may have traversed this difficult terrain and found a novel way in which to work in France. (Sadly we will NOT be able to use our POMs or Surgery skills as using LA appears to be not allowed!).

    With kind regards

  16. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Hello (again)
    Im now living in France (nr Beziers) and would be VERY happy if I could connect with a French Podologue near to this area? Im hoping Gregori (in Cannes) might also see this post? (Although he was going to go and work in Auz I believe?).

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who doesnt mind sharing (on a forum) their experiences of working in France?

    With kind regards

    Linda Russell

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