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French podiatrist

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by podolemoine, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. podolemoine

    podolemoine Member

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    Good evening,

    I am a french podiatrist, from paris.
    I want to speak with podiatrisr from other countries about our differences our technics.

    I have not a good level in english langage, so excuse my english... I am improuving my level!

    see you soon

    Arno Lemoine
    reflexosport@hotmail.com if you ahe got msn messenger.
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Arno ... Welcome to Podiatry Arena

    Don't worry about that :D .... just look how bad some of the english speakers are around here :p ....

    Last edited: Jun 28, 2005
  3. podolemoine

    podolemoine Member

    Like you, in France I treat corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, heel spurs, and arch problems; ankle and foot injuries, deformities, and infections; and foot complaints associated with diseases such as diabetes.

    To treat these problems, I can prescribe drugs(not all the drugs!!...),or to make some soap

    I can not order physical therapy, set fractures, and perform surgery.
    I think that it's one of our diference.
    I studied 3 years after my baccalaureat and 2 years in sport medecine, but we are not doctor.
    Podiatrist in france is paramedical like the chiropodist.

    I also fit corrective inserts called orthotics, design plaster casts and strappings to correct deformities,

    I may use a force plate to help design the orthotics. Patients walk across a plate connected to a computer that “reads” their feet, picking up pressure points and weight distribution. From the computer readout, I can make a soap.

    I am very happy to work for myself,
    I am specialise in sport trouble, and Ihave got the chance to work with our best French team ( Tennis, athletism, Football)

    where do you come from on this forum? UK? australia? USA?
    Who are you? :)
  4. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Hello podolemoine,

    I am also a non-speaking English member from this forum. I am a podiatrist (podologo) from Barcelona (España). We have a similar qualification to yours, although our scope of practice is wider: we practice surgery (MIS and open), we can prescribe drugs related to our practice and we can refer for non-podiatric treatment such as physical therapy.

    Our profession have looked towards France for many years (f.e polyster resins are very common on orthotic manufacturing); but, from some years to now, our mirror is United States due to surgical skills and its scope of practice.

    I am focused on biomechanics assessment and orthotic treatment. I have also a computerizated clinical gait analysis system and I cast the foot by different ways (non-weightbearing plaster of paris, foam boxes an a pneumatic weightbearing system developed in Spain called podomodel). We manufacture orthotics using a wide selection of materials: EVA, polypropilene, graphite composite and carbon-fiber composite.


  5. Felicity Prentice

    Felicity Prentice Active Member


    Welcome Podolemoine,

    It is great to hear about the scope of practice of a Podiatrist in France. As an Australian podiatrist, I tend to focus more on what my colleagues are doing in places like the USA, UK etc, and am largely ignorant about what happens across Europe. Obviously I am missing a lot of interesting stuff.

    I am jealous of your ability to speak English. Typical of many Australians I do not speak another language (we are very spoilt and lazy when it comes to language).

    However, I do have one small question - what do you mean when you use the term 'soap' (as you did in your first post)? You state - From the computer readout, I can make a soap, which translates roughly as:
    À partir de l'afficheur d'ordinateur, je peux faire un savon.

    In Australia our scope of practice is the same as the UK, and largely the same as USA, except that only specialist practitioners can do surgery and prescribe drugs. To become a surgeon requires some blood, sweat and tears - and is not on my list of things to do. Our education standard is a 4 year undergraduate degree, and the competition to get into the course is pretty strong.

    Anyway - I look forward to learning more from you!


  6. Podogal

    Podogal Member


    I'm a portuguese student! I would like to learn more with the podiatrists in other contries, like Podolemoine! I think it is great to change ideas between us about the differencies in treatments that we use in the same conditions and others differencies in the health system.
    In Portugal, we have 3 years to do baccalaureate and one more to licentiate's degree. Here, we are not doctors. I think we are far from that. We are not able to prescribe drugs or complementary exams. Our results have been accepted by the people that search us and some doctors and others health professionals. I consider we are in the correct way, but we have a long way to go through.
    I knew about Bologna treatise that foresee the same competence profiles from all podiatrists in Europe. I don't know if the european podiatrist here can confirm this.
    Apologize for my mistakes in grammar!
    Best regards
  7. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Podogal ----- WELCOME
  8. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Hello Podogal,

    It seems that this forum is a truly international podiatric forum. My congratulations to the administrator.

    Due to Bologna regulation, you can be calm. Podiatry will be a first grade bachelor according to Bologna degrees: http://www.eua.be/eua/en/policy_bologna.jspx

    But, due to scope of practice it still will have wide differences among EU members because it regulation depends on Health Authorities.

  9. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    Hello Javier!
    I agree with you, Javier! This forum is extraordinary for all that we can
    learn, change ideas and the opportunity to communicate with all Podiatrists
    around the world. It's...amazing!!! :)
    Well, as you could note, i'm not clear about those treatise! Thank you for
    the site, i'll see it!
    I will be very satisfied if when i finish the course, the portuguese system
    accept the Podiatrists like in your country! I was hopeful about bologna
    treatise, but actually, it will be a true miracle!!! :eek:
    However, in Portugal this science is recent and it has been disclosed
    progressively! I belived in the next few years we can work with professional

  10. Petcu Daniel

    Petcu Daniel Well-Known Member

    Romanian podiatrist

    The title is a dream. Excuse me for my english... I'm an Romanian textiles engineer, working in a shoes factory in Bucharest.I want to became a podiatrist but in my country doesn't exist a school for teaching or an authority to recognize this speciallity. My source of informations is the Internet and I hope to have the possibility to follow an course in a foreign contry in the future. In general the informations from Internet are general and medical oriented. I want to read more technical informations about orthoses and orthopaedic shoes manufacturing. I have technical knowledges about designing of ordinary shoes [I've gratuated Technical Institute of Iassy-Romania in 1994]. I also have an practical experience in manufacturing of shoes [working for 11 years in a shoes factory]. My first scope is to learn about foot orthoses and orthopaedic shoes and after this to practice in this field.
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you for your amability to answer me
  11. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Hello future romanian podiatrist,

    Which languages do you speak? It seems you speak English and obvioulsy Romanian. You have multiple options:

    1. You can join a bachelor course on P&O in UK:

    2. You can attend to the course on Pedorthotist at Temple University (USA), more focused on foot orthotics and shoe treatments:


    3. You can follow a course from German manufacturer (but it will be focused on their products):

    www. nora-freudenberg.de

    I hope this helps.


  12. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    Hello Javier

    It seems to me that you have a good knowledge about what happens in the differents countries which works in Podiatry! So, maybe you could explain me on thing.
    I like so much the podopediatric world! I would like to know, if you have any knowledge about that, where can i get some formation in this field.
    About what Petcu Daniel says, I would like to add what my teachers did, which was a good experience in Spain, namely, in Barcelona. They experience there a good formation. Nowadays, some of their have some alluring offers to work in interplay with shoes's factories. But, in my point of view, we must to work with persons, not with factories! Sometimes, I think is imperative to see how the foot works to do an appropriate treatment. I know that in the USA and in Australia, at least, they do it, but I don't know what are the conditions... Probably, they are correct!!! I'm a simple student! If you have experience in the manufacturing shoes and have curiosity to learn more, I advise you to do a complete formation. Podiatry is a marvelous world! Go ahead, Petcu Daniel!!! :)
  13. javier

    javier Senior Member

    Hello Podogal,

    I got my degree in Podiatry at University of Barcelona School of Podiatry. I suppose you are studying at Escolas Superiores de Saúde do Vale do Sousa. As you will know, it was raised some years ago with the support from my Podiatry School.

    Regarding your question, there is not any postgraduated course focused on podopediatrics in Spain. For such formation you should travel to NYCPM an attend to Dr. Volpe's residency on the subject. For now, I recommend you the book:

    Introduction to Podopediatrics
    2nd Ed. Edited by Peter Thompson, BSc, DPodM, MChS, and Russell Volpe, DPM. 346 pages, illustrated. Churchill Livingstone, New York, 2001

    Other options are:

    1. To attend a course from Cascade Dafo www.dafo.com, but is focused on cerebral paralysis
    2. To attend at some of the postgraduated courses on Foot Orthotics and Biomechanics offered by Spanish Schools of Podiatry, but they are not focused on podopediatrics
    3. Follow a course online at http://www.podiatricresidency.com/courseware_list.html

    I hope this helps.

  14. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    Thanks Javier!!!


    I'm very grateful to you for you give me the sites. That one, the podiatric residency is great!!! I didn't know it! It will very usefull! Thank you very much!
    Yes, i'm studying at Escola Superior de Saúde de Vale do Sousa! I knew that Podiatry in my school "grows up" thanks to the university of Barcelona! We are very attached! For example, some weeks ago I had, with my class two surgical seminaries with Vírginia Novel and Enrique Girald teachers in Barcelona! To this day, I'm fascinating with them!!! :) They work wonders!!!

    Thank you very much, Javier!!!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2005
  15. podolemoine

    podolemoine Member

    Re: Bonjour!

    good evening,

    many years have spent... I didn't want to say soap but insole... sorry for my english! I realy want to improve my level and I wille be happy to exchange with u!

    best regards
  16. Cavoriaz

    Cavoriaz Member

    does anyone know if a uk trained pod can practice in france? and can french pod undertake nail surgery?
    Im fluent in french but have not trained there, although im considering coming back home one of these days?
  17. frederic G

    frederic G Active Member

    Hi Cavoriaz,

    French podiatry diploma is equivalent to a licence (bachelor).
    If you have 3 years of podiatry school, you should have the right to work here.
    We can't do nail surgery yet and only medical doctors have the right to do the procedure in France, but i learned it at the Glasgow Caledonian University a few years ago.:dizzy:

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