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Full Time Podiatrist - Western Australia

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by AFHGGer, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. AFHGGer

    AFHGGer Welcome New Poster

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    Come and join a highly motivated team of podiatrists, where you will gain invaluable experience in a well-supported environment. Not only is this a wonderful job opportunity but also an opportunity to balance your work with a great lifestyle.

    Ankle and Foot Health Group is a well-established private practice based in the coastal setting of Geraldton, in the Mid-West of Western Australia. We are seeking a full-time podiatrist to join our team.

    Geraldton lies 420km to the north of Perth and boasts beautiful beaches and the world renowned Abrolhos Islands to the west and the scenic Moresby Ranges to the east. We enjoy a warm climate all year round making it the perfect place to get involved in some of the many water and land based sports on offer including surfing, kite-surfing, triathlon, soccer, hockey, mountain biking and netball, to name a few. Geraldton is surrounded by many great places for camping and 4Wdriving. The local community is friendly and welcoming, Geraldton offers unique cafes with great coffee, restaurants, and plenty of culture with a magnificent Museum, Art Gallery and great community events including annual music festivals. With daily flights to and from Perth, big city living is never far away.

    You will be joining a team of 3 podiatrists with more than 30 years combined experience and will receive full administration support. You will also have the benefit of working alongside a podiatric surgeon.

    Our practice is well advanced in technology with a paperless patient record system, 3D orthotic scanning and an extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine.

    You will utilise all of your skills as a podiatrist and will be supported in developing further skills in order to treat the established and diverse case load at our practice. This includes sporting injuries, Achilles tendinopathy, acute fractures, skin lesions, ankle injuries, nail surgery and Plantar fasciopathy to name a few. Post-surgical rehabilitation is another significant aspect of our practice along with diabetes management, paediatrics and footwear prescription. We also work closely with the local Aboriginal Medical Service to provide services to rural and remote communities throughout the Mid-West and Murchison regions.

    Excellent communication, organisational skills and good time management are necessary attributes for this position.

    Recent graduates as well as experienced podiatrists are encouraged to apply. Current AHPRA registration and a C Class Australian drivers license is essential.

    Remuneration is negotiable, as is assistance with relocation costs.
  2. Alasd4ir

    Alasd4ir Member

    Dear Ankle and Foot Health Group,

    I would like to apply for the position advertised, could you please forward me the appropriate email address to submit my application.

    Kind regards,
    Alasdair Evans
  3. AFHGGer

    AFHGGer Welcome New Poster

  4. gez

    gez Member


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