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Geia Sas! (Hello! in Greek)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DenosV, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. DenosV

    DenosV Member

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    I have heard so much about this forum so I thought I should give it a try and I am training to be an orthotist at the moment.

  2. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    Hope you find it lives up to its reputation ;)
  3. nina89

    nina89 Member

    geia sou..... me lene nina kai spoudazo podiatriki sto brighton uni ...esu spoudazeis i teleioses?
  4. DenosV

    DenosV Member

    nina akomi foititis, doing my 6 month training :) ti etos eisai?
  5. nina89

    nina89 Member

    eimai sto 3o kai teleutaio (epitelous) etos....pou spoudazeis? ennoo s poio panepistimio...kai apo pou eisai apo tin ellada?
  6. DenosV

    DenosV Member

    Mono 2 panepistima exoun ptuxeio in orthotics: University of Salford sto Manchester & University of Strathclyde stin Glaskovi. Eimai apo to Salford alla twra eimai Oxfordi gia training 6 mines kai eimai apo Kupro :)

    exei arketous ellines brighton apoti xerw...paizei na katevw katw exw arketous filous

  7. DenosV

    DenosV Member

    esu apo pou eisai? to nana mou kanei athinaiko pio polu :p
  8. nina89

    nina89 Member

    aaa imoun k go salford kai ekana foundation year kai meta irtha edo....

    thelo polu na pao glaskobi se kapoia fasi...tha deiksei...

    basika me lene nina kai eimai apo kriti ...sugkatiko omos me 2 kopeles apo kupro ...

    exeis filous sto brighton? an nai opote katebeis na sunenoithoume an einai na brethoume ...pisteuo einai kalo na gnorizomaste eidika esu me tis kopeles pou ksero epeidi tha eiste kai stin idia xora....
  9. Katerina13

    Katerina13 Welcome New Poster

    Geia sas paidia!!!!!!!!

    Me lene katerina eimai apo kriti kai eimai sto 2 etos sto panepitimio tis Kounislandis stin Aystralia kai spoudazw podiatriki.

    :) kai se 2 xronakia 8a ferw to epaggelma stin kriti kai euxomai na anagnoristi kala to epaggelma giati einai poly endiaferon.

    Euxomai na pernate kala ekei poy eiste :)
  10. nina89

    nina89 Member

    geia sou katerina.....kai go apo kriti...apo poio meros eisai???? ego fetos teleiono alla den ksero pote tha katebo gt thelo na kano kai masters....to epaggelma uparxei idi sto irakleio tis kritis ...exoume gia tin akribeia 3 podiatrous.....an thes perissotera info pes mou i allios steile mou sto inbox....

    kali sunexeia stis spoudes sou...
  11. joefisheries

    joefisheries Welcome New Poster

    Hi Katerina, Nina and friends,
    My name is Joe and I am currently working as a Podiatrist in Tasmania Australia. I am really motivated to go back to Greece and work for a year or so and give my kids the experiences that I have had in our beautiful Ελλάδα. Ξέρετε αν υπάρχει ευκαιρίες για δουλειά στην Ελλάδα κατά αυτή τη στιγμή; Any help or information would be wonderful. I work exclusively in Diabetes doing wound care and casting etc. Kind regards Joe
  12. Podigiatrio14

    Podigiatrio14 Member

    Any opportunities for a podiatrist trained in the US (3 year residency in foot and ankle surgery). My husband is from Greece and would love to move there in the future.
  13. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Elafrá metavolí̱ tou antikeiménou . Elli̱nída sýzygó kai iv mou tha eínai sti̱n Elláda se 4 evdomádes to chróno , améso̱s metá to synédrio IVO , boreí na sas systí̱sei éna kaló xenodocheío sti̱n Athí̱na gia ména ?

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