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Get the Edge on Your Career!

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by pjbramley, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member

    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    An opportunity has become available for a highly motivated Podiatrist to join
    our award winning team including 5 clinical staff and outstanding customer
    service officers in our newly relocated, spacious, “Lower Limb Health Centre”
    opening in 2017. The clinic is situated in a major regional center in sub-tropical
    Queensland, with affordable housing, no traffic jams, 10 minutes from the
    beach and the Great Barrier Reef only 4 hours drive from Brisbane.
    Successful applicants will enjoy working in a computerized and well-equipped
    clinic incorporating the latest in networking including tablet integration. An
    interest in biomechanics, sports podiatry, diabetes, nail surgery as well as
    routine treatment will be rewarded with a varied case load, sourced from a
    wide referral base including GP, orthopaedic surgeons and allied health
    professionals. Achieving excellent patient outcomes is enhanced through the
    use of numerous diagnostic and electrophysical therapies, gait analysis
    software and 3-D scanner aided orthotic manufacture. A commitment to
    ongoing professional development is strongly encouraged as well as in-house
    training and mentoring.
    The opportunity is for a new graduate or experienced podiatrist and includes
    a generous remuneration package based on clinical experience, paid CE
    leave, uniform allowance plus more.
    If you have the desire to broaden your podiatry skills, be a valued member of a
    team, take your career to the next level while enjoying the lifestyle of coastal
    living, contact Paul or Alex on 0428 743 849 for more details.
    Email applications to: enquiries@hinklerpodiatry.com.au
    Phone: 0428743849 or visit the clinic for more details
    Web: www.hinklerpodiatry.com.au
  2. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member

    One position has been taken but a second position is still available to join this rapidly growing clinic with six clinicians starting in a newly designed, podiatry specific Lower Limb centre in 2017.
  3. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member

    We do offer free accommodation, for a limited time, in a 4 bedroom house connected to the clinic to assist with any move.
  4. pjbramley

    pjbramley Active Member

    Our "Award Winning" clinic offers mentoring across a wide variety of podiatry special interest areas from Biomechanical analysis, many numerous physical therapy treatments to assistance in achieving Podiatric Therapeutic Endorsement.

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