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Hello everyone (Instrument Expert)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ihsanulhaq, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Ihsanulhaq

    Ihsanulhaq Welcome New Poster

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to podiatry arena and I am an expert in podiatry instruments if anyone needs help regarding podiatry instruments please pm me and I'll guide you and even can get you good quality instruments at very low prices.

    Thanks and looking forward to share my experience on this forum
  2. Blarney

    Blarney Active Member

    Please tell us all about your expertise.

  3. Ihsanulhaq

    Ihsanulhaq Welcome New Poster

    Well I've worked for a company who produce podiatry instruments and got lot of knowledge about podiatry instruments and recently I have launched my online store for instruments please visit at www.saxabeautytools.com

    We are still updating the online store and adding more podiatry instruments to our collection you will also find technical information under the info tap about instruments care and handling.

    I advice to use instruments made with French stainless steel because they last for years and cutting quality is excellent that's why we sell all our instruments made with French stainless steel always ask your supplier about the material/steel used for instruments.

    I've seen many people switching over to single use instruments they are ok to use but I suggest to use good quality reusable instruments and you can get them at very reasonable price if you go at www.saxabeautytols.com you will see the prices are much lower as compare to other suppliers.

    I will upload a video demonstrating how to sharpen the instruments or if you send us your instruments we will do it for you free but currently this service is only available in our factory based in Pakistan everyone on this forum is welcome to get free sharpen service you just have to cover the shipping costs please send us a message through our website to avail this service at www.saxabeautytools.com

    Many thanks,
  4. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Thanks for letting us know about your service. French stainless steele is new to me. Yes it is good advice to ask about the materials used in the making of instruments.

  5. Lisa L

    Lisa L Member

    Hi Ihsanulhaq,

    I just tried to access the website you have listed above and and the link is telling me

    "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable".

    Could you post again the site address so we can check out your range of instruments?

  6. prosharp

    prosharp Active Member

    Hi Ihsanulhaq we manufacture using German Surgical grade stainless steel as it is the best in the world.l have not seen any instruments from French steel.
  7. prosharp

    prosharp Active Member

    I have sent 4 parcels to Pakistan of samples and only one made it so this could be a bit of a problem.l travelled to Pakistan and the biggest problem is quality control in most of the factories and while they all say we make the best there is a huge difference between samples and final product.
  8. Claire Dixon

    Claire Dixon Welcome New Poster

  9. Claire Dixon

    Claire Dixon Welcome New Poster

    Hi Ihsanulhaq, do you know where I can get a replacement printer unit for an Eschmann Little Sister 3?
  10. Anne McLean

    Anne McLean Active Member

    Try Canonbury.
  11. Louisa Flynn

    Louisa Flynn Welcome New Poster

    Hi tere,

    I am a Podiatrist in Ireland,. We are trying to source barrel springs for our nippers. Have lost some and trying to replace them but it is proving extremely hard. If anyone can help me or direct me to where I may get them I would be extremely grateful.

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