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Help with Biomechanics

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by buminoz, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. buminoz

    buminoz Welcome New Poster

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    Hi , we were only taught root Biomechanics when I was at uni, and this is all I have used so far, I would love to learn about the other theories and put into practice but dont' know where to start...any help on wear to get papers, books or courses from the basics upwards would be most appreciated.:eek:
    Regards t
  2. Ella Hurrell

    Ella Hurrell Active Member


    Welcome to the Arena! I'm sure you will find lots of information here that will help you. I would suggest starting in the Biomechanics, Sports and Orthoses forum and go from there.

    Good luck! Ella
  3. Sammo

    Sammo Active Member

    Welcome to Pod Arena..!!

    Couple of tips.. if you post under your name (i.e. not anonymously) you are more likely to get responses from everyone..

    Also, look at getting the Precision Intricast books by Dr Kevin Kirby.. they are a magnificent resource and will teach you loads about alternative ways at looking at Biomechanics/MSK injuries etc.

    Enjoy the forum.... :-D


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