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Hi from Steve

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by shanam, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. shanam

    shanam Welcome New Poster

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    Per Instructions by site manager, I post my intro:

    Hi Y'all. My name is Steve Hanam and I am now a retired podiatric doc who has been Board Cert in Foot & Ankle since 90. I practiced in the same area located in the deep part of the US in the Appalachian Mountains. Had a great 24+ years but with wife moving to Chi Town IL, I am following her there. I love feet and the people they are attached to.. Have a lot of war stories, success stories, and bunches in between and am willing to openly address any issue. I am now pursuing my MPH from U Mass at Amherst, mostly online. An excellent program!
    To all podiatrists in the US: Unite or be cut up by everyone and anyone.
    Hello - I really look forward to interactions with anyone who is interested.
  2. pahomovigor

    pahomovigor Member

    Hello, Steve! There isnt a podiatric service in Russia recently, but I love feet and our profession - podiatry - too. I make attempt to change this situation and Im finishing my second thesis now, devoted to popularisation of podiatry. Really, our profession surpriseful - Ive just managed successfully a Great War veteran, suffering from calcaneal osteomyelytis after Nazi bullet wound. In spite of Im not an american citisen, I would be glad and honored to continue our relationship.
    Sincerely yours Pahomov Igor.

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