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Steve Wright Show 13032013 Talking about FEET

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by DAVOhorn, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

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    The friendly Doctor and steve are talking about feet and common problems. Dr Hillary Jones is the chap.

    Summary do not t/t vp's:drinks

    Do not cut nails too short or into the sides as this causes ingrowing nails.

    Wash feet daily , clean socks daily.

    Check shoes regularly for damage, and if buying new shoes do it in the afternoon as your feet have spread a bit due to standing and walking.


    Ho Hum no change there then.:boohoo:

  2. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave

    I don't think that we'd disagree (largely) with anything he said.

    Whose fault is it that he was interviewed rather than a colleague? His? No, he's an articulate media savvy medic who frequently discusses all sorts of medical issues on radio/TV. Is it Steve Wright's producer's for approaching him? No? As previously stated he's the bloke with the gift of the gab known throughout the media. Whose fault is it then? Well, it's ours ie. the professional bodies who have failed disastrously over the past 100 years to establish any media presence for the profession. Can we even imagine the situation duplicated if the questioning referred to the teeth/jaw? No, the expert would be a dental practitioner.

    We have no-one but ourselves to blame.

    All the best

    Bill Liggins
  3. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Yep, agree with Bill there.

    Funnily enough, I received a call from a fella who worked for the One Show a couple of weeks ago. He said, "This may sound like an odd request, but do you have a foot that we could borrow for the show?" I said, "I have a plastic skeleton foot you could use, but you`ll have to call the university if you want a cadaver."

    After he composed himself, I asked, "What made you ask me?". He replied, "Well my aunt saw a podiatrist about her foot and apparently they specialise in feet". Until then, he had no idea that we existed.

    To be fair, I had never heard of, nor watched, the One Show either, but I might watch out for the "feet" episode.
  4. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    Yes that is what i was trying to say..

    Where is the Professional body for our profession when it comes to media.

    I mean all kinds of Comolimentary Therapists go on to the program to educate the public.

    We seem to miss out at every opportunity.

  5. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    A treasured memory is of some 30 years ago when I asked how much a major UK professional body was spending on public relations.

    The answer (from a member of Council)? "We don't need to spend money on this area because Hinders-Leslie and other suppliers do it for us"

    Leopards do not change their spots!

  6. jane.e.benson

    jane.e.benson Active Member

    Hy all,
    Coincidentally, I have just been interviewed on BBC Coventry and warwickshire radio this morning. It was to ask whether feet should be fitted for shoes. The interview lasted all of 5 minutes, nowhere near enough time to say all I wanted to. But 5 minutes is better than nothing!

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