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Hi greeting from PORTUGAL

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by deluiggi_sdl, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. deluiggi_sdl

    deluiggi_sdl Welcome New Poster

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    hi I´m just here to say helo and I´m here to be helped and to help anyone who wants o.
    thank you ;) :D
  2. ja99

    ja99 Active Member

    Bom Dia De luiggi!
    I was in Lisbon a few years ago!
    The people were very friendly!
    Do you call yourself a Podiatrist/Podologist...? What Qualifications/University education do you need to have to practice in Portugal?
    Best Regards from Sunny Australia...

  3. deluiggi_sdl

    deluiggi_sdl Welcome New Poster

    hi julian, thanks for your reply.
    here in portugal we have an 4 year degree (licenciatura in portugues), and we are called here podologists. the university is called Instituto politecnico saude do norte . escola superior de saude vale do sousa and the link is http://www.cespu.pt/cespu/politecnico/ipsn/essvs/podologia.asp
    to practice in portugal at the moment any qualification is ok, because its not yet definied in the minister (government) what can or can not a podologist do. but soon i think just an degrree in any country shall do it.
    sorry if my english is poor hope to hear from you soon
  4. ja99

    ja99 Active Member

    Hi Deluiggi,
    Thanks for the reply! Do not worry, your English is SO much better than my portugese.

    More questions:
    1.In Portugal, do you work mostly in Private practice (You charge a fee of your patients) or, is there Public practice (working for a salary in a Hospital)?

    2. Are you licensed to administer Local Anaesthesia?

    3.How many podologists do you estimate there to be in Portugal?

    Here in Australia there is a shortage of us, many Jobs advertised, but not enough of us to go around....

    looking forward to hearing from you.....
  5. deluiggi_sdl

    deluiggi_sdl Welcome New Poster

    :) hi

    Hey Julian :)
    Here in Portugal is mostly private practice charging the patients, there are few hospitals that acquire podologists. in hospitals podologists only works on diabetic foot but is very hard the receive a salary because most of them just want us to work for free!!!
    yes there is no problem to administer local anaesthesia, perform minor cirguries like onicriptosis, warts...
    I do not have an exact number but I estimate not more than 400 graduated podologists and less of them actually working in.
    Let me ask you a question, can someone from portugal , like me :), work in australia?
    hope to hear from you soon
  6. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    It's nice to have more portuguese people here! Our community is growing up! I'm portuguese too! Finnaly, i can hear (or better, read) PORTUGAL in any site out.
  7. ja99

    ja99 Active Member

    Hi Deluiggi,Sorry to not get back to you sooner, busy week!
    As to whether it is possible to work in Australia, yes it is possible! However, I am not certain about Portugese qualifications being easily recognised here. I will find an email address to send you (The Queensland Podiatry Registration Board) who know better than I do . Probably you need the qualifications translated in English). I am sure this is all possible. But what might be easier is to gain British Registration (I did this recently) and then you have 'automatic' recognition here as Australia/Britain/New Zealand/One province of Canada all recognise each other. So gaining British opens up many possibilities. Here there is a shortage of Podiatrists. We can and do work in Public (Hospitals , no problem being paid a Salary about $45,000 - $65,000 AUD , Euro 28,000 to Euro 37,000) or in Private practice working for someone else (about $60,000 AUD = Euro 35,000) or for yourself (about $100,000 upwards = Euro 58,000). All of these salaries are approximate and depends on bigger City or smaller Towns. Cost of living is similar to Spain , perhaps a bit cheaper. At the moment many jobs are advertised, but not being taken as their are insufficient professionals compared to jobs available. Please ask me more questions as I am happy to explain more.

    Best Regards,
  8. Tuckersm

    Tuckersm Well-Known Member

    to have international podiatry qualifications accepted in Australia, you must satisfy the the requirements of The Australian Podiatry Council, who act on behalf of the Australian Gov. The A.Pod.C. assess your qualification, and then what level of assessment is required to gain the ability to register in one of the Australian States. It was updated earlier this month. Full details here. http://www.apodc.com.au/Education/recqual.pdf
  9. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

    What's the rules for a UK pod to work in Portugal?
  10. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    Well to work in Portugal is not so difficult! As long as you are registed in HPC this allows you to work in all european contries. A part of that you can also registed with the "Associacao Portuguesa de Podologia" (Portuguese Podiatric Association) which will give you the guidelines that you may need and also ia a support in all your question that you may experience. Podiatry in Portugal is done mainly in private.
    If you need more information feel free to contact me!

    Good Luck!
  11. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

    dear Elsa, thank you. I will connect with you next time I am in Portugal. Carole
  12. Podogal

    Podogal Member

    Ok Carole, feel free to contact me anytime. I am in London, but I am portuguese so any information you need it will be a pleasure to help you! Enjoy Portugal! :drinks
  13. Karey Fleming

    Karey Fleming Active Member

    I just found out that Portugal has a free trade agreement with CANADA and can start work here as soon as they cross the border. If a podiatrist from Portugal has been trained at Universidad Europea de Madrid Madrid, Spain we would like to speak with them immediately. Please share any ideas that may help me find such an English speaking person. Thank you!

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