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Hi Newbie fr S'pore here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by homeless_andy, May 12, 2011.

  1. homeless_andy

    homeless_andy Member

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    Hi everyone

    I graduated with bachelor in sports & outdoor from Monash University 08 and i'm an mid-dist to marathoner hoping to qualify for Boston. Apart fr sport performance I'm very keen in sports injuries esp. LL.

    Currently I'm working at a local performance running footwear company as Technical Specialist. I handle alot of customers with foot injury and with wrong shoe fitting. Also I realized footwear companies basically use static 'wet' test or walking gait to recommend running shoes to consumers which is not specific. Also walking gait can be different during running. i.e. we know that someone with pes cavus during 'wet test' can overpronate at midstance if there is crossing over. I'm hoping to change the mindset of footwear companies and the best is through education. Working with physiotherapists & podiatrists can help to maintain up to date infor for the commercial sectors.

    I personally endured 2 years of PF and have gone through conservative Tx, massage, instrinsic mm. strengthening, corticosteriods injection and as well as ESWT. Fortunately my PF healed 100% with ESWT, avoiding invasive operation.

    Hence by participating in this forum i hope to absorb as much infor from the experts here and uphold my role to educate my consumers.

    Andy :D
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member


    Welcome to the forum!

    Your marathon running sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more?

  3. homeless_andy

    homeless_andy Member

    My marathon? i did my 2nd Marathon in S'pore last year in 3:28. The heat & humidity here is madness... This year i just did a 1:27 for 21k race last month and now training towards a 1:24 (equal to 4min/k pace). As we know Boston has reduced 5min to all cat qualifying time.... i need to work harder to do sub 3:05 for my age grp. Hopefully i can qualify by using next year cooler temp. Gold Coast Marathon since climate does help to prevent core temp. from elevating too fast.

    Hx of my LL injury - 2 yrs of right PF. Went through 6months of Rehab with my physio... Tx includes ultra-sound modality, customized orthotics, trigger pt release of calf, instrinsic mm. Ex. (toe grabbing), plantar rolling etc but all in vain to reduce the pain... my sport physician suggested corticosteroids & this miracle jab barely last me 6mths before relapse. I have to blame on myself as i continue to train hard during that window and the pain level went up. My last resort was to have ESWT and after 2 sessions i was completely healed. i did merely aqua run for 3 mths after ESWT before resuming land running. Now i'm glad to say i have 100% recovered.

    I do have hypermobile arch on affected side. My navicular drop test was 12mm after avg 3 attempts. Prior to my injury i was wearing cushioning shoes with 22mm-10mm heel to toe gradient. Now i changed to stability racers like adiozero mana 5 (19mm-11mm) with no inserts. I still tape my plantar for arch support bilaterally and I do barefoot grass run for easy recovery + strengthening of foot proprioception.

    Sorry for the long draggy reply. Although i grad with a sport degree but I sure do hope to learn more from many exp. pod. here! Learning is never ending =D

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