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HI one of the many Aussie's stuck in Britain.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tickly foot, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. tickly foot

    tickly foot Member

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    I have been here about 16 years but Australia is always my official home, hoping soon to return with the family and take up work there. Did my training in London at ucl, loved it and love my job. But not doing much of it, part time soon to increase. Hence here after stumbling on this site whilst looking for cpd learning.

    Love this site and the ease with which I can learn from so many experienced people.
  2. Tis certainly the place to learn. And if you are planning to move back to the land down under you'll need to get your biomechanics up to ozzy standards, which I'm afraid are somewhat higher than ours, by and large.

    Have fun. Learn lots.
  3. MRoss

    MRoss Member

    Hello Tickly Foot,

    I am a specialist recruiter in Podiatry and have many opportunities across Australia.
    If feel that you would like some assistance in finding work please contact me on 03 9223 7537 or maree.ross@reedglobal.com

  4. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi Tickly, welcome! Good site to stumble on. There are many positions available back in Aus. Simply check out this site as well as the State Associations for job opportunities, then your options are kept open. :)
    See you around when you get back!!

  5. tickly foot

    tickly foot Member

    Thank you for your encouragement to make the move back there. I have spoke to people from the country (family and a podiatrist) whom speak how badly they need extra people there, the other other side of Shepparton Victoria, is home. It worries me that I would be alone, not much support with so many country towns needing cover. However looking at other Aussies posts the paperwork sounds messy, difficult doctors, still lots of missed apts from non-private pts, much like the NHS here no doubt, and payment dissatisfaction. Do you go private, bulk-banking (not sure of the term?)medicare funded, or what mixes can you do. Please tell me its not all that bad working there, and that you are appreciated for all your efforts amongst pts and healthcare professionals. Perhaps asking to much I'm sure your happy or else you wouldn't be talking to me.

    Thankyou and sorry for the poor mood, just nerves.
  6. b.polsen

    b.polsen Active Member

    hi tickly foot,

    Dont be stuck in britain.
    Come home there is more work than you can imagine.

  7. kal

    kal Member

    Hi Tickly Foot

    I know there are numerous positions available all over Oz so getting work with your experience certainly shouldnt be a problem.
    Also in regrads to the Bio comment I certainly havent seen any evidence that working here requires you to have higher standards than in the UK and Im sure that all the Bio specialists in the UK would take offence at the comment they are not trained too as a high a standard.

    If you need any help with a position let me know as the company I work for have positions available all over Oz.

    Kind regards


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